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How we lost 60lb using our phones and Noom

How we lost 60lb using our phones and Noom


I wish I felt good about myself whatever my size or shape. I should, I know I should. But the fact that I put on almost 3 stone (42 pounds) while I was pregnant with Little Man, and the final few pounds weren’t shifting, made me cringe.

Ok, the first 14 pounds or so dropped off fairly quickly while I was breastfeeding the Little Man but when we had to switch to bottles at six months it slowed to a snail’s pace.

I felt lethargic. I felt annoyed that my clothes didn’t fit. I didn’t feel like the old me.

And more importantly, my Sarcoidosis was back.

So I started run/walking again. And I tried to diet.

But by December 2013 I still had 22lb stubbornly refusing to go.

Plus the husband had popped on a few extra pounds himself and so we both decided a change had to happen.

That change was Noom.




I know I sound like one of those infomercials on TV – “I used this cream and it changed my life!” – but this little app that sits on my phone really did.

My weight has dropped from 134lb to 112lb and the husband has dropped a massive 38lb going from 206lb to 168lb.

I’m back to my pre-baby size and he’s lost the equivalent of our daughter’s weight.

How did a phone app do this? Well it didn’t.

We did it. Together. And Noom coached us through it.


I’m sick off all the commercials, advertorials and emails promising that this or that potion, pill or seaweed slime will drop the pounds. They won’t. What they do is make people very rich. I’m going to tell you the real secret to weight loss:





It’s as simple as that.

But of course it’s NOT that simple, is it? And that’s why the authors of diet books and sellers of diet products are millionaires.

We all want a quick fix. But a quick fix won’t keep the weight off. A quick fix might change our body chemistry in the short term but it won’t stay that way. As soon as we go back to our ‘normal lives’ the pounds creep back on.

What we needed to do is create a new normal, with new HABITS. And that’s where Noom entered the room.

Noom is a healthy living coach app that you download onto your phone. It combines food tracking, exercise coaching and group support (if you want it) to help you set new healthier habits so you reach your weight-loss goal. And the basic version is free. Yep, free.


Noom helped the husband and I us lose 60lb between us, but we haven’t stopped there. Noom is part of our lives now and we’re still tracking our food and exercise to maintain our goals and make sure those habits stick.


I met the Noom team earlier this year and I’m excited to say that after hearing our story they’ve asked me to work with them on the UK launch of  a new body-confidence and habit-changing challenge that everyone can take part in.

I’m really happy to do this because Noom is a tool that I use every day and that I believe works.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more about the challenge and how you can sign up for it! 

In the meantime, tomorrow I’m going to tell you six things I love about Noom including exactly how I used it to lose those 22lb…


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  1. Hi i have been using noom for a while now and have lost 3 stone in weight i am very pleased with what i have achieved noom is the best app that i have ever used. i still use it now even though i have achieved my target weight. :-)

    • Wow that’s amazing! Massive congratulations – that is an awesome achievement. I’m with you on continuing to use Noom once you’re at your goal weight though – it’s a great way to stay on track! (By the way have you let the Noom team know about your success? Email me if you’d like me to pass the message on… )

  2. I use Cardio Trainer which I think links up with Noom but I couldn’t get on with Noom myself. My parents have lost quite a bit of weight with My Fitness Pal – it’s all about the focus isn’t it

    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    • You’re so right Colette. It IS about focus and whatever works for you. I’ve heard great things about My Fitness Pal. Thanks for visiting! x

  3. This sounds perfect for fitting into everyday, and changing your lifestyle properly. Will definitely look out for more about the challenge! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. Thanks for linking with #strikingmums. I so need to lose weight and will look into your recommended app.

  5. Wow! That’s incredible! Having seen you at Britmums Live in June I can’t imagine you being anything other than slim. I totally agree though that there’s no quick or easy way to shift excess weight, and sadly it gets harder as we get older. This sounds like a great app, will have a nose at it now xx

    • You’re so right, it doesn’t get easier, so anything that can help is great! Would love to know what you think of it x

  6. ‘A happier, healthier normal’ – exactly! Thanks honey – all will be revealed soon… x

  7. Very interesting, I’ve never heard of Noom before but I’ll be taking a look at it pronto, I’ve over 4 stone to lose (WHAAAAT!!) and it’s going to be a long hard battle as I’m easily side tracked and LOVE LOVE LOVE comfort foods!

    • The thing I LOVE about Noom is that although it actively promotes healthy eating, nothing is banned really – it’s all about balance. So I might choose to have a smaller supper and have a glass of wine in the evening without going over my daily target. So you can still have your comfort foods – just not all the time 😉 Good luck lovely!

  8. *rushes to download* I desperately need to drop some weight and am really struggling, ultimately I know for me it’s a mental battle first but hopefully this will help!

    • I agree with you – for me losing weight was all about the mental struggle with changing some pretty ingrained habits like hoovering up left overs! Hope you find Noom helps – it really works for us x


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