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About me

About me


My name is Michelle Reeves, full-time Mummy to two little people and part-time professional blogger, freelance writer and social media addict.

I LOVE writing. I love everything about writing.

I even love the IDEA of writing.

This is where I share that love with my musings on life and all things family. You’ll find posts about parenting and kids stuff, fashion, health and beauty, travel, .

Sometimes I’m straight, sometimes I’m curly…

Sometimes straight... sometimes curly

…but I’m always drinking coffee and adding to my to-do lists.

 “Bod For Tea is one of my must read blogs. There are certain blogs I make sure I visit on a regular basis, no matter how busy life might be, and this is one of them! Michelle’s posts are filled with warmth and honesty and her writing flows beautifully. Covering everything from motherhood to infertility, her work is always a joy to read and comes straight from the heart.” 


In 2008 we left behind everything we knew and loved in the UK – including my successful career in Internet Marketing – for a three year adventure in China. I started blogging there as part of my therapy for Post Natal Depression after the conception and traumatic birth of our first child, Curly Girl. We arrived back in the UK two years later and now the adventure continues with our miracle baby, Little Man, who was conceived au natural and born in 2012.

Why Bod for tea


Welcome! Find out more about why I started blogging in my journey to motherhood and first birth story. If you’re looking for a laugh then this post might have you cringing and chuckling into your coffee. Product reviews and giveaways is the place to look for my opinion on everything from children’s books to productivity apps. (Sometimes there’s a giveaway to enter too.)

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I tweet as  (often at silly o’clock in the morning), I hang around on  and and you can wave at me on . Prefer email? Feel free to drop me a line. 

If you’d like to work with me to promote your brand then get in touch or read more about working with Bod for tea.