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My top 5 posts of 2014… did you miss any of these?

My top 5 posts of 2014… did you miss any of these?

Today I’m another year older. Another year wiser? I hope so!

On Sunday we had a lovely family party with a delicious roast cooked by my wonderful husband, party dresses, presents, games, a fabulous red velvet cake baked by one of my sisters and lots of champagne – well why not? It’s not everyday you turn 42!

Birthday table

Red velvet birthday cake


A pop of birthday orange!

While we’re talking about celebrating, two weeks ago was my 4th blogoversary here at Bod for tea. Four years blogging! Somehow it means more than my birthday today – crazy eh?

Perhaps that’s because this blog has come to mean so much more to me than just a website. It’s now my profession, a record of my passions, my gorgeous children, my frankly ludicrous life sometimes and of my journey to JOY this year. It also reminds me everyday of all the wonderful people that I’ve met and welcomed into my life through it – amazing bloggers like Vicki, Sophie, Tinuke, Katie, Hannah, Mirka, Susanne, Louise and so many others.

Blogging is such an amazing thing – it has opened up doors for me that I never expected to knock on, let alone walk through. I’ve worked with fabulous brands that I LOVE and shared personal stories that it scared me to write – thank you for your kind comments letting me know they touched you!

At the end of the day blogging is about reaching out… and hopefully finding someone else reaching back.

So while I’m feeling reflective, I wanted to share some love for my top 5 posts of my 41st year, a year gone by, a year celebrated and now past. Did any of these make you smile or nod? I truly hope so.

1. The reader’s choice award goes to

How we lost 60lb using our phones and Noom – this one had so many readers! Clearly feeling better about ourselves is something that we all want to achieve. I loved being an Ambassador for the healthy habits app Noom last year with press events, local press coverage and my first radio interview and I’m delighted to say I’ll be working with them again in 2015!



2. The post that I wrote after getting really cross was

Kirstie Allsopp and feminism – have we missed the point?  Another important subject that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion. I still get a bit miffed reading it now!

Image of infertility pills and needle


3. A post that resonated with so many people

Last night I slowed down – this one was the real start of my Journey to Joy and led me to buy one of the books that has galvanised me into action this year. I’ll be writing more about this soon!

In the bath


4. The post I’m proud to have finally written was

Post natal  depression: our first birth story – the aftermath – I may have written it through tears but I’m so pleased that this post has helped others. I firmly believe that we need to be ‘out of the closet’ about mental health issues and support each other by talking more about post natal depression.

Our birth story


5. The post that was shared most on social media was

5 things to do when you find a bat in your kitchen – yep, really!

Bats in flight


And finally, as I’m focusing on JOY this year, the post that makes me laugh out loud when I read it now… even if it didn’t at the time! Sabotaged by poop

So there you have it, my top posts of 2014. Did I miss any out that you particularly liked? As always I love to read your comments.

P.S. Have you written a post that made you happy? I’d love you to join in my *new* linky and Share the Joy!

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  1. Thanks for joining in with Blow Your Own Blog-Horn; I’m just off to read all your posts. PS: 42 is a magnificent age, I may have just turned it myself… ;)

  2. Oh honey Happy Blogiversary you talented, beautiful, caring lady. I am honoured to be mentioned here and cherish yours and all the ladies’ friendships, it makes this blogging lark amazing doesn’t it! Thanks darling for linking up x
    HonestMum recently posted…Oliver Turns 5

    • *Mwah* Thank you so much sweetie, you took the words right out of my mouth xx

  3. What a mix of posts! All great posts though. And what another fab year you have had. Love the blog. Jess x #brilliantblogposts

    • Isn’t it just! I’m nothing if not eclectic ;) Thank you so much for such a lovely comment x

  4. What a great round-up, I’ve bookmarked this one so I can read all of them at some point. Happy happy birthday, I could just dive into that glass of champagne (even though it’s not 11am on a Thursday yet…!)

    I’m in a reflective mood too as it’s my blogiversary this month and my 41st birthday in February so lots of celebrating to do. Glad you’ve found so much joy through blogging and with some of my favourite people too! :-)
    Uju recently posted…Memories from Nigeria: Christmas and Odu Ceremony

    • Thank you Uju and Happy Blogoversary! Isn’t it wonderful that something as simple as sharing our lives can bring us together with so many amazing people? I’m grateful for this every day x

  5. Oh Michelle what a great round up of great posts. I loved these. Thank you so much for sharing your 2014 with Share With Me. I hope 2015 holds even more celebrations and amazing great things for you. Thanks for all the support too. #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Share With Me ~ #2

    • Oh Jenny thank you and you’re so welcome! I love #sharewithme, it’s a wonderful linky and helped inspire me to start my own linky now – #sharethejoy – which ties in with my Journey to Joy this year. Here’s to us both having an amazing 2015! x

  6. Happy Blogaversary!

    I agree that the more women who are open about their post-natal experiences, the better prepared expectant mothers will be.

    Without meaning to offend, the phrase I hate most in the world is “Enjoy every second”. I love my daughter to the point where I sometimes wonder what I have done bringing a life into the world that I cannot completely protect forever. You know, that painful kind of love? But have I enjoyed every second of her life. Erm, no.

    I feel no shame at all in saying I effing HATED a lot of the first 6 months of her life. I tell everyone who asks! Pregnant women must hate me.


    Betty and the Bumps recently posted…My 2015 Goals

    • Thank you and you’re right, it’s so important that we’re honest with each other (and ourselves?) about the realities of Motherhood. It’s not always easy, sometimes it feels impossible, but there ARE nuggets of joy for us to savour – I truly believe that. Sometimes they’re just waiting for us to find them amongst the thorns x

    • Thanks so much Louise, it would be great to have you there x

  7. Belated happy birthday gorgeous lady, you’re looking FABULOUS! I need to read all these posts, but wow 60lb is quite some weight loss, no wonder it was your top post of the year xx
    Reneé @ Mummy Tries recently posted…Book Number Two Is Brewing

    • Aww thanks so much lovely! We are so proud to have lost 60lb between us… and kept it off all over Christmas this year. I’m back to not only my pre-baby weight but my wedding day weight! We’re huge fans of Noom and I’m so pleased to be an ambassador for them again this year x


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