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Posted by on Nov 22, 2014 in , Life | 28 comments

9 reasons I didn’t reply to your tweet

9 reasons I didn’t reply to your tweet

I love social media. Not in a huggy, cuddly, bring home for tea kinda way, that would be weird, but in a I’m-on-it-everyday-and-yes-I’m-probably-addicted way. And so it’s quite likely that I’ll be on Twitter today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

I probably tweeted out a blog post. I might have shared someone else’s that I thought was funny or interesting. I might have said ‘thank you’ for a retweet of one of my tweets.

But I might not have replied to YOUR tweet. Or had a chat with you. Or even said ‘hi.’


I once read Twitter described as a cocktail party and it’s the perfect analogy, but I prefer to liken it to a very particular cocktail party; the one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Partly because it’s my favourite film EVER but also because like that party it’s busy, chaotic even, with people arriving and leaving, full of laughter, tears, the famous, infamous and the ordinary Joe. There are the fabulous friends that you don’t see very often but LOVE chatting to. There are experts and people who THINK they’re experts, the witty, funny and downright embarrassing. There’s music and dancing and shouting and whispering. There’s conversations you want to be involved in and some that you really don’t. And people talking to themselves. Lots. (Remember the woman and the mirror?)

But a lot of what’s going on? You just completely miss.

My main reason for missing things on Twitter is that my most productive time at my laptop is at stupid o’clock before anyone else in the house is up. There’s a select band of early morning Tweeters who I will share a mug of coffee with (you know who you are) but other than that I’m trying to focus on getting words on the page before the madness that is family life gets going.

Of course, I AM online on and off throughout the day on my phone, albeit fleetingly… so here’s 9 more reasons why I probably didn’t reply to you on Twitter…

#1 I was chipping the remains of the kids’ breakfast/lunch/tea off the kitchen floor with a teaspoon because I didn’t have time to wipe it up this morning and it’s turned to concrete

#2 I should have been drafting a blog post but instead I was trying to make a dent in my email mountain

#3 I was eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon (before wondering if it was the same spoon I used in number 1….)

#4 I was pretending to do number 2 but I was really watching a chicken sneezing on YouTube

#5 I stopped doing number 4 and started idly browsing for Christmas presents for my family (aka shopping for myself)

#6 I was wrestling an octopus (aka changing Little Man’s nappy)

#7 I was making a pot of coffee – nuff said

#8 I was trying to answer the Pop Master questions on Radio 2 while attempting to open a bottle of Calpol without resorting to a hammer and chisel

#9 The Little Man has been so poorly of late, not wanting our usual rough n tumble play or to choo choo around the house much. Now that he’s getting better I’m making the most of having my little boy back. Sorry but family comes first.

Ok, what’s your excuse? And what film do you think Twitter is most like?


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  1. Great post lovely, and I quite agree – it can all get a bit consuming, and reading takes enough far less replying to every. single. one! Life and living has to come first.

    (thanks for replying to my tweets btw!! ; ))

    And thank you for linking up to #AllAboutYou! x
    Mama and More aka Zaz recently posted…

    • Thanks honey, I do try my best to reply to everything but inevitably some fall through the cracks! Yours are always top of my list though :) x x

  2. Good post! Now I know where all those unanswered tweets I’ve sent you have gone… In to #4 and #5 hahaha! Thanks for posting #allaboutyou
    moderndadpages recently posted…#AllAboutYOU Link & Pin Party

  3. Oh this did make me chuckle, it read like a story of my day. I love twitter, but I do often lose track. It’s a bit all or nothing isn’t in? Stealing your time or you’re lost at sea with it!
    Sarah recently posted…Lindor Brownies and Festive Food Friday #3

    • Isn’t it just! I tend to leap on every ‘ping’ from my phone and I do always read, it’s just replying I struggle with! Thanks for visiting Sarah x

  4. Love this post it made me laugh outloud. I’m new to the blogging circuit and can already recognise most of what you say. Thanks for sharing.
    Mama Blueberry recently posted…Dodge the Christmas Podge

  5. I am rubbish at twitter! I always think that the time difference shouldn’t matter, but I’m completely out of sync with most the people I would chat to, so I’ve pretty much given up :) It moves so fast! Mind you emails don’t and I’m pretty rubbish at responding to them too ;)
    Sara recently posted…Country Kids: it snowed!

    • I’m always up at stupid-o’clock-in-the-morning so tweet me next time you’re online!

    • Like you I read all my comments and emails too… it’s the replying that I sometimes don’t get round to for a while! :)

  6. I love it. I struggle so much to just turn off and I am always afraid if I don’t answer now I never will. It will get lost among the piles and piles of to do lists. I am so guilty of this. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week. Happy Holidays #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…Healthier air in your home

    • It’s a constant balancing act I think Jenny. Sometimes we keep the plates spinning and sometimes they crash to the ground!

  7. Love this so much, I adore twitter but I love my life more and thanks to Tweetdeck and Buffer, the latter Hannah of Mums Days recommended, you can schedule. I’m actually pretty good at switching off but social media and the buzz of a reply can be addictive for everyone. It’s so important to just turn things off and reply another time when suits you. I had 2 days off last week and lots of work on but being my own boss, means just that so it’s took to take control. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x
    Honest Mum recently posted…5 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself

    • Thanks Vicki. I’m with you on scheduling. I use Co-Schedule to schedule all my social media and blog posts and honestly don’t know what I’d do without it now. I switch off in the evenings too – unless the husband is away and then when the cat’s away the mouse tends to have a play online!

  8. Social media can be a bit (A LOT) addictive. It’s good to have a few reasons not to partake all the time
    Joanna recently posted…Lush – My First Giveaway!

    • Thanks Joanna, I may be using these reasons a few more times… :)

  9. Yep, I am officially rubbish at twitter…I tend to be better on my work days but when it comes to days with Reuben I barely touch my phone. I’m very much unable to multitask, one thing at a time (unless he’s very happy doing something else of course, then I’m all over everything!)

    Thanks for linking up to #theList xxx
    Hannah Mums’ Days recently posted…Best speakers ever! Meet the Go-Go

    • You say that like it’s a bad thing Hannah! Hats off to you for being a single-tasker and probably getting a darn-sight more done properly as a result x

    • Yep, that’s my life in a nutshell right there! :)

  10. Twitter is a time-sucker!! I do always reply to everyone who tweets me but I probably get a lot less than you :)
    As we’ve just started weaning, I’m finding myself with less and less time and can totally appreciate your reason #1 – I MUST remember to clean the dining table up straight after baby has eaten! #BrilliantBlogPosts
    Yummyblogger recently posted…

    • I find most social media is like a black hole that sucks me in if I let it – I’ve started setting a timer in my browser to remind me, like ‘Why Don’t You…?’ back in the day, to switch off and do something more important instead! #showsherage

  11. Brilliant post! I am fairly new to Twitter (joined in March) and found it scary to start with. I love it now, but what a time sucker!

    • Thank you and welcome to the Twittersphere! You’re right, it just eats away at your day if you let it… :)

  12. I’m struggling with twitter just now. Being I’ll and all. I hear ya. Hope your wee boy is doing better lovely & hope to catch up with you soon x

    • There just aren’t enough hours in the day are there lovely? Sorry to hear you’re not well and yes thankfully our Little Man is on the mend. Hugs to you x