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Have you got Christmas wrapped up?

Have you got Christmas wrapped up?

Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? I don’t want to sound all bah-humbug but we’re looking decidedly unseasonal at Bod Towers. Oh the advent calendars are hanging, poised to be pounced on by my little chocolate lovers and the elf on the shelf is already very much at home and getting into all sorts of mischief, but there’s not a bauble or holly leaf in sight.

When I canvassed opinion on this in the Twittersphere yesterday I’m definitely not the only one who hasn’t decked the halls with boughs of spiky stuff yet, but most of those who haven’t are planning on rectifying that this weekend. It just feels a bit too early to me… plus I have the feeling that no sooner have I put the final sparkly ornament on the tree, the Little Man will come along and wreck the lot. Such is the prerogative of a toddler.

I DO have all my Christmas bits and pieces ready to go, sort of (read: they’re in the loft gathering dust) and I’ve even got a snowy plug-in ready for this blog. Each year I tend to add one or two things to my seasonal stash and this year I was lucky enough to be gifted some lovely items by Christmas World, the one-stop-shop for Christmas decorations.

I must admit this hand written packing slip did give me some Christmas cheer… love these little touches!

Christmas World packing slip

Here’s what they sent me – aren’t these great!

Christmas tree, wicker heart, nordic figure

The 50cm Christmas tree comes ready hung (yes!) with lights that you switch on at the battery pack attached to the back. It’s shiny and glittery and will look fabulous on our hall table ready to greet people when they come to visit.

50cm Holly Christmas Tree with lights

Christmas tree lights detail

I just fell in love with this Nordic character as soon as I saw him! The detail on this fella’s clothes is lovely from his knitted scarf, to the heart on his chest and his furry little boots. He stands up on his own and his arms are posable too.

Standing nordic character

Nordic character face

Nordic character heart

Nordic character boots

Here he is doing his best QVC demonstration of the Christmas tree – couldn’t resist! But seriously how cute is this?

Nordic character and christmas tree

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some sparkle is it? And I fell for this wicker heart which has such a warming glow that I couldn’t fail to start getting into the festive spirit. It’s battery powered too, so convenient.

Light up wicker heart

I was very impressed with the Christmas accessories and decorations Christmas World sent me. They’re great value (less than £35 for the lot) and with so much to organise at this time of the year it’s really convenient to order them online for home delivery.

Right, I’m off to raid the loft and get my Christmas on!

Christmas World details


Have you got Christmas all wrapped up yet? I’d love to hear about the festive touches that bring some seasonal sparkle into your home. Let me know in my ‘new’ comments section!

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Disclaimer: We were gifted these Christmas accessories by Christmas World in return for an honest review.


  1. I absolutely love that heart; it is so cute!

  2. Another fab review of yours! Love the Xmas decorations!

  3. How cute is that little dude?!? I’m loving the heart too. We get our Xmas tree through the school and pick-up is this Saturday, squeeeee! So I’ll be getting my Christmas seriously ON this weekend :-) Although, like you, I’m guessing there will be extreme toddler wreckage very quickly…. xx

  4. Thanks so much Jess, I was really keen to show him off in all his splendour! x

  5. That Nordic dude is so cute! Love your triptych photo of him, great idea to give a close-up view of the little fella. We get our Christmas tree on December 1st – despite the guys selling them looking rueful and warning they will drop if we don’t leave it outside! Lovely review. x

  6. Phew! Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t got their house decorated yet but looking forward to getting these things up – I’m with you, that heart is a keeper all year round! :)

  7. What beautiful decorations – and the price is really reasonable too. I would love using that heart all year round, not just at Christmas! I am really surprised at how early people are putting their trees up this year! I am sticking to our tradition of 2 weekends before Christmas. That is quite enough for me thank you – otherwise you lose the excitement! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo :) x

  8. Aren’t they just! Now, just to get the tree up….

  9. Aww those are lovely x

  10. He’s so cute isn’t he Debbie! Like you I’m not in the early Christmas decs club (more because I haven’t had the time!) but I can’t wait to get these things out around the house. And yes as far as I know everyone does get a lovely note! x

  11. Hi Michelle, I love the Nordic charactor! So cute! Do all customers at Christmas World get a hand written note? If they do that’s wonderful.

    I love Christmas with all it’s twinkle and sparkle, but we don’t put the decorations up until mid (ish) December.


  12. Thank you SO much Vicki – I’m glad you felt that way about the photography because it’s something I’ve really been focusing on. Can’t wait to see your post too! x

  13. Stunning review darling, love that wicker heart and the QVC demonstrating elf made me lol. Can I just say your photos are amazing too! I’m doing a style inspired shoot on my style blog to show off the pretty decorations we chose, can’t wait to share it. Fab review beautiful lady x

  14. Thanks Katie, really lovely products! Now just have to get that Christmas tree up… xx


  1. Christmas has finally arrived at Bod Towers - Bod for tea - […] week. As a result I feel like we’re really behind this year – as I said when I wrote…

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