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Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents

­It’s a special moment at our house when I mention that Nana or Nana and Grandad are coming to visit. As the realisation dawns there are whoops of delight and plans made for hours of reading or extended games that roam around The Barn taking in bedrooms, playroom and even cupboards!

Nana M reading to Little Man

This weekend my parents are coming to house-sit while we zoom off to Provence for a week and already the little people are disgusted that they’ll only get to see them for a couple of hours before we go.

There’s no doubt that their grandparents are a key part of our children’s lives – not just playing but important life lessons – like learning to peel vegetables – and often extended childcare if I need to attend a function for work or a hospital appointment.

Curly Girl using the Multi-peel straight peeler

Whether they’re celebrating a significant birthday, commemorating a momentous anniversary, or just because they play such an important role in our children’s lives, grandparents are always deserving of a special present.

However, knowing what gift to give can be tricky.

More often than not, grandparents will already have a house furnished with everything they could possibly want, while clothes are a highly personal thing that let’s face it they’d probably rather choose themselves. Your choice of potential presents can get rather restricted quite quickly.

So here’s a list of go-to gift ideas that should be greatly appreciated and approved of by most grandparents.

A Weekend Break or Extended Getaway

Why not consider buying an experience or adventure? If the grandparents in your life are enjoying the trappings of retirement then, while they probably say they’ve never been busier, they’re likely to find the time to enjoy a holiday.

Getaway to the sun

Over 60s travel can consist of anything from a weekend break to a captivating and cultural capital city or an extended getaway on a cruise ship with specialist holiday operators like Saga.

They can enjoy the gift of discovering the highlights of a new destination or simply get a well-deserved opportunity to relax and unwind in the sun without a care in the world.

A Gadget or Piece of Technology

It’s natural for older generations to be a bit scared of technology, as they often believe pressing the wrong button will result in disastrous consequences. But if you choose the right gadget or device, they could really benefit from the merits of technology.

Take an e-Reader for example. My Dad loves his and loads it up with digital books to read at home or when he’s out and about. Other great options for grandparents include a set-top streaming box so they can watch TV shows and movies on demand or a handheld tablet if they truly want to embrace twenty-first-century technology!

The Gift of Activity

Staying fit and active when you get older is very important, but going for regular runs or attending exercise classes at the gym isn’t always appropriate. You could choose to buy a gardening or golf gift or a pass for a local swimming or yoga class instead to ensure that grandparents remain in good physical shape.

Yoga image copyright LuckyImages shutterstock_125340167

Gardening doesn’t have to strenuous but will get grandparents out of the house and gives them something to be proud of. Golf, on the other hand, can be enjoyed at a leisurely pace and is also a very sociable hobby. My Mother loves yoga and while I’m sure she’d be the first to admit that not every pose is as easy as it once was (although she can pull some pretty tricky poses that I struggle with!) it’s a lovely moment of relaxation in her day.

A Treat Day with You

Of course they love spending time with their grandchildren but Grandparents also want to spend time with you, their son or daughter! My Mum and I spent a lovely day in London recently visiting the National Gallery and having afternoon tea at the luxurious Lancaster London hotel. It was such a fun day and allowed us to reconnect again – something that’s not always possible with two little ones clammering for her attention!

Mum and I at Lancaster London

Sweet bites from the pastry chef

Of course a lot will depend on the hobbies or interests of the grandparents in your life but with a little thought buying a gift for these extra special family members doesn’t have to be tricky. An experience like a holiday, a piece of technology to benefit their daily lives, something that keeps them active – or just spending some special time together – shows them that you love them and that they’re an important part of all your lives.

After all, for us, that’s what family is all about.

Nana and Curly Girl

With thanks to Saga for helping to bring you this post. Yoga image copyright Lucky Images/Shutterstock.

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  1. Great suggestions – love the experience idea. Got me thinking that if not a trip, even a meal at a fancy restaurant can be quite nice for the grandparents. My go to gift has been photo books and framed prints of their grandkids which they don’t seem to tire of luckily! Unfortunately we don’t live near my mum or my in-laws so don’t see as much of them as we’d like to.
    Ebabee recently posted…Kids rooms: Decorating with yellow

    • Like you we don’t live that close to my parents so I really try to make the most of our visits when we see them – they love photo presents too! Glad you liked the suggestions and thanks for your great comment x

  2. Fab suggestions here darling, I just worked with Saga too and am seriously thinking of going on a cruise with my Mama. I’m taking her on a press trip to Portugal in June and we used to go to Paris several times a year together pre kids for culture, food and shopping. I really miss those times. We even got my wedding dress there so had lots of excuse fittings and girly breaks. Seems like so long ago now. Our mums do so much for us don’t they, so lovely to treat them. That afternoon tea looks incredible x
    HonestMum recently posted…Veggie Hot dogs

    • Oh how lovely to go on a cruise with your Mother! Paris is one of my fav places too and the husband and I rode there on our motorbikes before the little ones came along – oh for the old times! You’re right though, our Mothers are such rocks in our lives, they deserve all the treats we can give them x

  3. All great tips my lovely, definitely something for everyone here! Unfortunately for me though, my mother in law is not very receptive to doing things just us (father in law always has to be present), otherwise I’d love to take her out to lunch, etc. Oh well, just have to do these things with the girls :) Have a great day hon xx
    Mummy Tries recently posted…Why I Put My Life Online


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