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I love you but this is goodbye

I love you but this is goodbye


It started as a feeling.

A niggle.

Something nagging at the edges I just couldn’t put my finger on.

It’s not you, it’s me.

This blog has always been there for me, from my very first stumbling posts, through our infertility journey, my post natal depression and beyond to my Journey to Joy and Share the Joy linky for bloggers with posts that make then smile.

I’ve loved it, nurtured it and showered it with care and attention, working with some amazing brands like James Villas, Noom and John Lewis.

But for some time I’ve been feeling that after five and a half years Bod for tea, while very successful, doesn’t represent me anymore. The me that I want to be. The me that I’m working towards on my journey to finding joy in the everyday. The me that wants to share that journey more and more.

While I still love blogging and making my living online, Bod for tea doesn’t make my heart sing, make me jump out of bed in the morning or consume my every extra moment.

I’m the kind of person that does things 100%. If something’s not exciting me, I change it until it does.

It’s time for a change.

20 years from now - Mark Twain

So I’ve hit a fork in the road and decided not to take the easy route – the path that meanders along, steady and sure.

No I’m taking the hill climb, the steep, slippery slope with boulders and ruts.

Because there’s the chance that at the top there is the most amazing view.

And THAT’S a view that I want to see.

I love you... but this is goodbye

So, in a way, this is goodbye.

This is my last post as Bod for tea. I’m taking a break for the Summer to refocus and breathe life into my new guise. 

Bod for tea will return Autumn 2015 as

I hope you’ll join me there as I continue searching for joy in the everyday and sharing my journey. (And yes the Share The Joy linky will be coming with me!) 

In the meantime please come and say hi at my new homes and interiors blog The Essex Barn when it launches later this month.

Bod for tea will return Autumn 2015

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  1. Oh hun this is amazing news and you know, I’m all for chasing and making dreams a reality and you will shine as always lady! I love your new name and whatever you do, whatever blog you turn your hand to, will be a success, I’m so excited for you xx

  2. Amazing!! I had a feeling it was coming soon, and I’m so thrilled for you. You have to do what’s in your heart and what feels right and I KNOW you are going to do amazing things with the Joy Chaser (just perfect).

    Loads of love and have the best summer refocusing for a fabulous September. I can’t wait! Hxxx

  3. Oh hon I have goosebumps up my arms after reading this. Can’t wait to follow your new adventures in the Autumn. Enjoy your summer break. Much love xxx

  4. Good luck with your new start! Have a great summer!

  5. Wishing you the best of luck with your new sites…
    Have a lovely summer x

  6. Good for you hun! Looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ you this autumn xx

  7. We will miss you over the summer, but we wish you all the best in your new adventure as you reach for the stars. Many thanks for sharing the joy with us all. x

  8. oh Hun, as I read this I was thinking “No!” But then I realised you’re not going away. Good for you for chasing your dreams! I look forward to the new blog! :)

  9. Sad but related to hear this. You will be missed over the summer however I’m sure your rebirth will bring you what you are looking for. I’ll be sure to check out the barn in the meantime. Ceri

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