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Get your Xmas fix on with Sugru limited edition colours

Get your Xmas fix on with Sugru limited edition colours

Sugru, the fab mouldable glue that is every parents saviour and can fix almost anything, is back with two limited edition packs for Christmas and the lovely bods over there at Sugru gifted us these two packs to play with – woo hoo!

Sugru limited edition packs

Basically Sugru is self-setting rubber. A bit like play dough for adults, it feels like putty but acts like superglue and sticks to pretty much anything. One it’s attached you mould it into the shape you need and then in 24 hours it sets and turns into rubber. It’s great for fixing and modifying things in the home and garden and it’s even been used to modify kit on expeditions to the North Pole.

We LOVE it here at Bod Towers and I’ve written before about how we used it to fix a mounting bracket in the engine bay of a car (clearly that’s the royal ‘we’) and Curly Girl’s Jessie doll who had a broken leg.

Sugru how to use it

The two new limited edition packs each contain five small packs of Sugru. The colour pack has five colours – Awesome Orange, Silver Grey, Woody Brown, Mossy Green and Panther Pink – which should cover pretty much every Christmas present breakage disaster that you might have this festive season.

Sugru limited edition colours pack

Sugru colours pack

Sugru limited edition colours

The silver pack is just that – five packs of super silver grey Sugru for all your mobile and tech needs.

Sugru silver pack

Sugru silver

Sugru can be used for everything from protecting phones and repairing broken toys through to making jewellery and even fixing those much loved Christmas lights. At under £10 it’s the perfect stocking filler or secret santa present. You can get yours now from but don’t take my word for it….


Disclaimer: I was gifted two packs of limited edition Sugru. All opinions are my own. The dancing hands have absolutely nothing to do with me *ahem*.

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  1. Ooo…. a glue I haven’t heard off before…. in our house we use a lot of super glue type glues as our youngest is a thrower and a dropper, which has caused many breakages in the past. Does it take 24 hours to set? #tried&tested
    mummy m’s memories recently posted…Elf on the Shelf

    • Hey thanks :) It’s great for fixing all sorts of things… including my toddler’s lunchbox which he crashed to the floor on Tuesday *sigh*


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