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Six things I love about NOOM

Six things I love about NOOM


Yesterday I told you a bit about Noom, the mobile phone app that helped the husband and I lose 60lb between us.

Today I want to tell you six things I love about Noom and why it’s not just a weight-loss app but a healthy lifestyle tool that I use every single day.

Noom lifestyle app

#1 It fits into my life

My phone is a constant companion and Noom sits there on it, reminding me to log my meals, complete my tasks and hit my step count. That’s really important because changing habits isn’t easy. The simpler you make it, the more consistent you can be and the more likely those habits will stick.

#2 It’s realistic

Counting calories sucks. Thankfully Noom doesn’t expect me to become a world expert on how many calories there are in a butternut squash. It’s about estimating as close as I can. And because the app is loaded with regular foods from supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco it’s easy to find what I’m eating.

Stressing about whether that cheese sandwich I ate for lunch was 250 or 255 calories isn’t productive. Logging it and moving on, is.

#3 It helps me see what I’m REALLY eating

Why did I hang on to those 22lb? Portion sizes and mindless eating.

I know I don’t need to eat the same size portion as the husband. But it’s oh so easy to serve up equal plates of food without thinking, isn’t it?

Every extra thing you eat makes a difference. But how often have you made a packed lunch for the kids and popped that left over piece of cheese into your mouth without even realising you’re doing it? Yep, me too.

The key to Noom is logging everything. EVERYTHING. Even when I’m super-sizing supper or hoovering up the kids leftovers. It ALL goes in so I can SEE it and then get back on track. Honesty really is the best policy.

#4 The traffic light approach

All the food in Noom’s database is marked as red, yellow or green to help me make healthy food choices. As I’m logging food I can see what percentage of each I’ve eaten that day, reminding me to up the veggies and fruit, cut back on a treat or say ‘yes’ to a glass of wine. It’s all about balance.

Plus Noom serves up simple articles every day with facts about nutrition that help me make more informed decisions about what I eat.

Noom has daily articles

#5 It’s not all about food

They key to using up more calories than you eat is exercise. I’m a run/walker which means I run for a set time and then I walk for a set time. Simple as that. I started out running for 30 seconds and walking for 2 minutes and I’ve built it up over time. When I started I got to the end of the lane near our house and back again. I’m now running for 5 minutes and walking for 1. On Saturday I did that for 7.3 miles.  I log all of this in Noom and it gives me bonus calories for the effort. Yep, I get to EAT  more calories because I’m USING more calories.

If I take my phone on a run Noom uses the GPS locator to track and coach me through it, telling me how far I’ve gone and how quickly I’m going. There’s also a built in pedometer that sets me a step goal every day and counts my steps. Now I know going up stairs to change the Little Man’s nappy is helping me reach that goal!

Exercise log

#6 It’s fun!

The husband and I are a little competitive. Ok, a lot. And here’s where the fun comes in. Noom gives you points each day for everything you do. Log food? Get points. Do exercise? Get points. Read an article on the app? Get points. Reach your step count for the day? Get points. And more points means reaching higher levels in the app. Did we compete on this? YOU BET WE DID!

But you don’t need to know someone else using the app to compete or get support – Noom Groups will match you up with others just like so you don’t have to go-it alone.


I’m a big fan of Noom so I’m very excited that Noom UK has asked me to work with them to launch their new body-confidence and habit-changing challenge.

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more about the challenge and how you can sign up for it. PLUS I’ll be giving away some FREE Noom Pro vouchers.

So watch this space!

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  1. This sounds like a great app! Thanks for sharing your story – 60lbs is a fantastic achievement! Well done you two! #britmumsreviews

  2. What a great post on an app that looks really useful and easy to fit into a busy life, love the sound of it #britmumsreviews (

  3. Hmm it sounds very interesting and I knwo that logging really does make a difference. Mich x

    • It really does Michelle – I think because it helps us become more mindful about what we’re eating – I know mindless eating is one of my challenges!

  4. Having read the previous one I need to try this out ! I know it’s not rocket science – eat less move more but it never sticks….

    • It’s so true – it’s hard to get new habits to stick isn’t it! I’ve found Noom really helps with that – have sent you a DM on Twitter you might find interesting…

  5. Ah this does sound like a fab app. I’ve tried a few and never stuck with them. Portion sizes are my downfall too. But I must say that you are looking fab! x xx

    • Aww thanks lovely! Not something for you to be worrying about for a while though!! ;)

  6. This sounds good. I downloaded a step counter and I’m sure that was Noom. I am terrible at logging food though, there never seems to be enough time to find all the things. I may give it a try though. Thanks for linking to #TheList x

    • Yes Noom does have a downloadable step counter as well as having one built into the app. I thought I’d struggle with the food logging too, but for me it was about creating the habit to do it and now I find it second nature. Whenever we finish a meal one of us says to the other ‘so let’s NOOM it then’ – sad but true!

      Let me know if you’re interested in trying it out and I’ll send you a link to get a free trial of the PRO version ;)

  7. Great you’ve found something that works for you. Sounds like it’s been perfect for you and your husband x

    • Thanks Vicki – it won’t be for everyone of course, but it certainly worked for us! x

  8. This sounds good x

  9. Loving this SO much. I have a dreadful habit at the moment at popping bits of food into my mouth when I’m making Elsie something to eat! Aaah! x

    • Yep me too. It’s so easy to do! But it’s that mindless eating that I just had to stop – and believe me, it’s still work in progress!

  10. I loved your post on how you lost all that weight and I love the sound of this app – especially the traffic light section, that is just what I need! Thanks so much for sharing.


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