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Me and Noom – in the press!

Me and Noom – in the press!

Yesterday I was interviewed by a very nice reporter from my local paper – the Dunmow Broadcast – who was interested in running a story about how I became the face of Noom, the app that helped my husband and I lose 60lb between us. (You can read more about Noom helped us in this post and I’ve shared 6 things I love about Noom too.)

They published the article today – I’m so glad they used this photo of me and Curly Girl as it’s one of my favourites! A couple of the facts weren’t quite right but it is still a LOVELY feature that I’m very proud of. You can read the full article over on the Dunmow Broadcast website.

Dunmow Broadcast article
I’ve also featured this week in…

Essex County Standard

Chelmsford Weekly News

(See more media coverage)

Local press coverage



  1. Well done on being the ‘face’ of Noom! Good to hear a fellow blogger doing well:-)

  2. Well done Michelle, such a great achievemnet with the app, and now famous too ;-)

  3. Woohoo! very exciting. Congratulations

  4. So proud of you darling and love those pics x

  5. OK, so I’ve never done anything like this before, but I do want to lose 8 lbs, and because I like your blog, I’ve downloaded Noom. Now, I’m not a big App user, so this might be an unfair criticism, but I’ve hardly started, and it’s already telling me that I should upgrade to the next (paying) level. I really don’t like that – just too “in my face” (but as I say, I’m not a big App user – maybe this is typical).

    Day 1, and I’m shocked at how much I eat! So I think that Noom will be good, in that it will realign the reality of what I eat, with my impression of what I eat. I kid myself a lot!

    I will let you know how things continue.

    • I agree with you! I don’t like it when apps ask you to upgrade straight away. I actually did sign up for the premium version of Noom back in December when I first started using it but you really don’t have to. Unfortunately the reality is that a lot of these apps have to make money to stick around so I can see both sides :(

      And I’m so glad that you’re already seeing the benefit of logging your food – it’s amazing isn’t it?! I was easily eating 500 calories a day more than I realised. Look forward to hearing how you get on!

  6. Check you out going all famous on us! I really must start using the app as this summer’s weight gain is going nowhere fast :-(

    • He he – my 15 mins of fame! Let me know if you do want to use the app – I’ve got a discount code you can use… x

      • Thanks, I might well once I manage to convince myself to do something about my excess summer kilos….

          • Thanks lovely, but believe me, that French food and drink has really taken its toll…..xx


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