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Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Uncategorized | 10 comments

Pinch, punch

No, contrary to it’s title, this is not a post about bullying, although I do feel like this year is prodding me in the back a bit if I’m honest. Yesterday was 1st December so it was pinch, punch, first day of the month all round. I’ll admit the postman looked a bit surprised as he rubbed his arm though. Anyway, we’re now on day four of the ‘rip out your kitchen’s innards, fiddle with them and put them back looking sparkly just in time for Christmas’ project. We’re camped out in the dining room with a two ring electric burner, a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. So far we’ve managed not to burn the house down, for which I’m grateful. In fact, now that the cupboard doors are on and the new breakfast bar is in place I’m even allowing myself the smallest twinge of excitement.We might just pull this off.

Here’s my other reasons to be cheerful this week, hosted this time for the lovely Mich by .

1. Advent Calendars. Yesterday we hung DD’s gorgeous advent calendar (yes, it will be my Silent Sunday snap) in the playroom. Hang crafted by Nana it is a work of art. DD climbed up on her little play table, stuck her hand into pouch number one and pulled out a mini chocolate snowman. She was clearly impressed with this new magical chocolate generating machine and wanted to trying another pouch to see if the same thing happened again. Clearly she takes after her Mother.

2. Kitchen. The new oven and fridge are now in and the granite is being fitted today. But you know what made me smile most this morning? Soft-close doors. Not matter how hard I try to slam them, they slowly shut with a soft whisper. Just awesome.

3. Food. DD’s has been eating SO well this week considering all the distruption. It’s usually the first thing affected if change is afoot (followed shortly after by my mood). Yesterday for lunch she polished off , pasta in tomato sauce, fruit smoothie, banana and honey, yoghurt, diluted orange juice and some crisps. Woo hoo!

4. . As it’s now the beginning of the month, it’s time for another Fussy Eaters Support Club linky to go up. I love reading everyone else’s successes and challenges. *Wanders off to start writing this month’s linky post*

Struggling to find a reason to smile this week? If all else fails you can always use the Reasons To Be Cheerful – The Musical Random Generator (I’ll admit I was impressed that Mich had managed to orchestrate a musical as well, she really is an awesome lady…)


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  • Glenda Gee

    You too are having a new kitchen. Snap! Exciting isn’t it!

  • bod for tea

    Wheee! *cough* yes, I’m mildly excited :-)

  • northernmum

    i wanna new kitchen *stamps feet*

  • bod for tea

    I want one for you too!

  • Kelly Simmonds

    What’s going on this week?! Everyone is getting a new kitchen! I’m starting to feel a little left out. Oooo I like the sound of your potato rosti recipe, I think I may have to give it a try on my kiddiewinks, thank you! x

  • bod for tea

    It’s such a great way to get veggies into little ones, let me know if it works for you!

  • LakesSingleMum

    so jealous of the kitchen! so good you have plenty to smile about :-)

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    I was pretty amazed when out hashtag started to be taken over too!  We ought to get an #R2BC gang together for a trip to the theatre, perhaps we coudl review it for them?? lol

    I’ll look forward to seeing the calendar tomorrow.

  • bod for tea

    He he, you wouldn’t be jealous of the mess though… *averts eyes from chaos*

  • bod for tea