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Posted by on Jul 15, 2011 in Uncategorized | 11 comments

Reasons to be cheerful

As I hung out the washing this morning, in anticipation of a dry day (which no doubt sent a task reminder to the rain clouds forthwith) I realised how grateful I am to whoever first invented the washing line. It must’ve been a woman. After all, it’s simple to use and there’s no speaker attached. Anyhoo, thank you, whoever you were, watching my washing blowing in the soft breeze made me very cheerful indeed this morning.

Since we returned to the UK DD has decided that breakfast is for kings and that as she rules the house she must be a king and therefore she must like breakfast. Such is the logic of a toddler. I might beg to differ in the subject of house monarchy, but I’m loving the new improved eating so I’ll let it slide, just this once.

The sun shone today, the house martins chirped and just being at home after three years away was reason enough to be cheerful in my book. And this evening as I collect in my surprisingly dry washing (the rain clouds must have missed their task reminder, or looking at the forecast, deferred it to tomorrow and the whole of next week), the sky is cornflower blue with darkness nowhere to be seen I am oh so grateful for British summer evenings. 

Have you got reasons to be cheerful or grateful this week? Pop over to the lovely Michelle’s and Maxabella’s and share the good vibes.

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    So its your fault its raining….. X

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