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Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Fussy Eaters Support Club – December

It’s been an interesting month in toddler food land. With our new kitchen going in there’s so much coming and going that I expected not a morsel to pass her lips to be honest, but she’s actually been eating really well. Ever the pessimist I’m blaming a growth spurt, rather than the fact that she might have actually started enjoying eating *gasp*. She’s been polishing off  and all her usual favourites with relish (well, BBQ sauce actually, but you get the point).

Now to start planning how to get her to eat some of our Christmas dinner… do I wait until she’s napping to serve the bird, knowing that way I’ll get to enjoy it with the family? Or do I serve it earlier so that she can  join in knowing that I’ll be trying to get her to eat the whole time? What are your plans for involving your fussy eater in the Christmas festivities?

How are you all getting on with your little one’s eating habits? Any hints and tips to share since we last got together? Link up and share your stories…

Here’s a reminder what the Fussy Eaters Support Club is all about…

One of the things I love most about blogging is knowing that I’m not alone in the the trials and tribulations of mummyhood. A problem shared is a problem, well not quite halved, but it’s certainly a lot less stressful knowing there are some other rowers in the same boat as you. My current trial du jour is the seemingly never-sending saga of DD’s fussy eating habits. We’ve tried puree, we’ve tried baby-led weaning, we’ve tried eat-this-or-nothing, we’ve tried it all.

I got to thinking that there must be other Mummys and Daddys out there who have the same goal that I do; for DD to eat as much as she wants of what we’re eating as a family, but to at least eat some of it. Perhaps we can support each other? And so the Fussy Eaters Support Club was born. Each month (or so) I’ll post up a linky thingy for anyone with a fussy eater to air their story, share recipes and their tips for what works (and what doesn’t), to celebrate their fussy eater successes or to just have a good old fashioned whinge about it all.


The Fussy Eaters Support Club doors for DECEMBER are now open!

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