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Posted by on Feb 17, 2012 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

Reasons to be cheerful

#1. Going potty. Potty training has actually gone rather well this week I think. DD’s out of nappies when she’s up and about and now telling me when she needs to ‘go’ rather than just ‘going’. Vast improvement. Next step is getting her to go and sit on the potty herself. All things in good time. If you’re thinking about starting to train yourself (errr.. not yourself of course *blush*) then I’d recommend Gina Ford’s Potty Training in a Week method. Big gains in a short amount of time if you can be in one place for a week with few visitors. I’d also recommend patience. And 1001 Troubleshooter Ultra carpet cleaner.

#2. I’m going to Brit Mums Live!!! Only going to be there on the Saturday so that OH can look after DD but I’m still just a little bit over excited. Can’t wait to meet the lovely bloggers I’ve been chatting to over the last year! Are you going? Let me know and I’ll add you to my dance card.

#3. Spring? Shhh…. as I said to this morning. We need to whisper so that it doesn’t hear us and run away, but it was definitely lighter this morning when I struggled out of bed to inject myself with caffeine, so there’s the smallest chance that Spring might actually be on the way. *Squeals quietly*

#4. Twitter twotter. I’m a bit hit and miss with Twitter, I can’t give it my full attention so I often miss the conversations. But this week I’ve had some fab chats with lovely peeps. Thanks everyone who’s responded to my 140 character prattles, you rock like Brighton.

What have you go to be Cheerful about this week? Seasider in the City is hosting Reasons to be Cheerful for Mich this week so pop over and join in.

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  • Sarah Cook

    Right that is IT!  I am going to find 5 reasons to be cheerful if it kills me.  I have buckets of them, I just need to realise them.  Some days the silver lining is there.  Other days, you have to rub the clouds away until you find it.

  • bod for tea

    Absolutely! Here’s to a good, positive rubbing ;-)

  • MsXpat

    Great on the potty training. I hope to start mine in about 3mths time. Hope to see you at BritMums. I’ve not worked out what I’ll be doing yet but saturday I’ll attend. Totally agree on doing RB2C. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  • bod for tea

    Already added you to my dance card :-)

  • bod for tea

    Errrrr….. *confused face*

  • Seasiderinthecity

    Yep got a bottle of 1001 in the cupboard lol! Look forward to meeting you at BritMums x

  • bod for tea

    It’s essential! And looking forward to sharing a coffee with you Mrs :D

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