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Posted by on Aug 31, 2011 in Uncategorized | 20 comments

The spider and the maypole

I‘ve come to realise that DD is not afraid of anything. Nothing. Nada. Not high walls she can fall off, or wasps that can sting her, dogs that look like they’ll tear her arm off, elephants that could stomp on her or spiders. Even huge ones.

Case in point – yesterday when DD woke delicately from her nap with her usual dulcit tone (MUUUUUUMMMMMMY!!!) I noticed that there was a black saucer with legs sitting on the wall next to her cupboard door. The saucer twitched. I tried to ignore it. DD didn’t.

‘Spiiiiiiider!’ she shrieked excitedly. ‘Good moooorning Mr Spider!’
‘Yes Good morning Mr Spider.’
‘Kisssss it!’
‘Errrr… no, perhaps not. I think he wants to be left alone.’

I have no idea at this juncture how it became a male spider, but there we are. Also, notice that it’s morning in the afternoon. It’s morning whenever DD wakes up. Especially when it’s not. Like the middle of the night.

‘Put him on my finger, Mummy?’
‘You can if you want to, but I think he’d rather have a nap… oh, ok, don’t poke him so hard, see he’s hiding now.’

At this point I thought she might leave poor Mr Spider be and let him recover from the ordeal of being poked by a giant. I was wrong. Instead said spider was poked again and did the only thing that he thought would save him from a slow death by finger squishing and jumped straight into the air (didn’t know spiders could jump? They can). He landed on DD’s arm which was the cause of much delight as that was what she had in mind in the first place. Seeing her hand heading straight for him again, Mr Spider legged it up her arm, over her shoulder and down her back before circling her waist once and disappearing into thin air. I, meanwhile, was turning DD around like a spinning top, trying to find Mr Spider, persuade him that my daughter is not a maypole and reintroduce politely him to the ground. For a brief moment I thought he’d fled up her jumper or down her trousers, but after a quick peek he was nowhere to be found (except perhaps heading towards the spider equivalent of a large brandy).

Now I know a lot of adults who would have been gibbering in the corner at this point, but DD, having satisfied her appetite for some arachnid fun, was rather happy about the whole incident and resolute that her new playmate would be back again.

‘See Mr Spider again later, Mummy?’
‘Yes, I’m sure we will.’

But not, I think, if he has anything to say about it. In this house, it’s the spiders that are scared.


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  • nicci cowdell-murray

    i freak out when i see a spider , and unfortunately both my two are also now terrified of them . Ive popped over from the love new blogs page :) great post x

  • Natasha

    I love this post! Wow I’d have been screeching! It’s great your little one isn’t afraid of spiders though, I wish I wasn’t such a wreack over the furry little freakies

  • bod for tea

    I don’t mind them in the house as long as they respect my personal space *draws ring around body with her hands*. DD has no such restrictions! Thanks for dropping by :D

  • bod for tea

    Why thank you! *doffs cap* Yes it is good, and just as well in this house!

  • Chatty Baby

    Great story.  I found you on the Love New Blogs site.  Can’t wait till spiders want to dance round me :)  In our house, it’s Daddy who runs furthest when Mr Spider shows his face.

  • bod for tea

    According to DD they’re ‘ticklwey’. Live and live I say, keep eating the pesky flies. Thanks for popping over :D (p.s. think it’s probably past your bed time…)

  • Sian

    Love it! I don’t mind them sitting quietly on a wall doing spider things, that’s fine. Playing hide and seek on my person, however, and I freak!

  • Suddenly Mum

    My sister used to put spiders down her nightie to show she wasn’t afraid. Don’t think you’d catch me doing tat. Especially not with t jumping ones! 

  • bod for tea

    Yes, I’m not that keen myself. But DD? She says bring it.

  • bod for tea

    Errrr…. no, me either *scratches*. Thanks for popping over :D

  • Fivegoblogging

    I could do with DD in my house. We’re all petrified! Popping over from ‘love new blogs’ x

  • bod for tea

    She’s definitely the bravest of all of us at the moment! Thanks for popping over :D *waves*

  • Older Mum

    Little A loves spiders too – went  chasing after a huge one that scuttled at lightening speed on its big hairy legs across her bedroom. Meanwhile a cold sweat broke out on my forehead.  

  • bod for tea

    Yep, same here. I wonder whether fear will kick in later on? OH and I live and let live in this house. Fear is a learned response I think so perhaps when other children react she’ll do the same…

  • Love Mummy Blogs

    That is fabulous! She’s welcome round our house anytime ;)
    Thanks so much for joining in with the love Mummy Blogs Showcase last week :)

  • bod for tea

    He he, glad you liked it :D

  • bod for tea

    Why thank you! *Takes a bow and blushes* Nothing wrong with being chased around the house by your husband by the way. We should all be so lucky…

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Delightful and witty as always! I wish I could write like you.  Ah well. I hate spiders. Ask hubby! I scream “spiderrrr!”, he runs and grabs it up gently in tissue and chases me around the house  before letting it loose outdoors. Ecology man reverts to a 12 yr old chasing girls around the school yard. I revert to 12 yr old screaming girl being chased.  I love your spinning top description! Spider and Maypole – great description of DD’s adventure.

  • bod for tea

    He he! They should get together and have a spider fest and we’ll support from the sidelines with tea and cake :D

  • Emma @ Mummy Musings

    Ha ha, I could have written that myself!  Except here we get ‘Hello spider, aren’t you lovely?’ while desperatley trying to grab the spider and either stroke it or put it in her pocket!