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Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in Life | 10 comments

The day the Tour de France visited us

The day the Tour de France visited us

On Monday 7 July the spectacle that is the Tour de France swept through Essex, including our tiny village.

As it was coincidentally the day after Curly Girl’s 5th birthday we kept the gazebo and bunting up, fired up the BBQ and kept the celebrations going. It was a blisteringly hot afternoon and as you can see someone was excited about the arrival of some of the greatest cyclists in the world.

Ready for the arrival of Le Tour

Seeing those bikes speed past our front door was the culmination of months of work for our village events committee and I’m so proud of what we all achieved.

We had one of the most challenging corners of the second stage of the race – a 90 degree left hand turn in front of the original Elizabethan School House, donated by Lord Riche in 1564 – which we envisioned would be a prime spot for people wanting to watch the race.

So with over 2,000 car parking spaces, 700 secure cycle spaces, a campsite, giant screen, stalls, bar, food and entertainment throughout the day the whole village came together to welcome thousands of visitors from across the county.

As the Tete de la Course approached cheers erupted from the spectators and it really brought a lump to my throat! (I know I’m soft like that.) I’m so proud of my hubbie for the fab photos he took as the riders sped past.

Tete de la course hits Felsted village

As press officer I ran the PR and social media side of things – something I could do easily from home – while others took on the event management, people organisation and preparations for the day including dressing up the village in what felt like miles of bunting.

It just goes to show what you can achieve when you pull together as a team.

Tour de France police escort

Even the police got into the party spirit, beeping their horns and waving at the crowd!

You can see the gallery of photos from this very special day at our Tour de France website which was very kindly put together for us by Ben and Craig at Juice Creative who I would HIGHLY recommend. They were a pleasure to work with and speedy isn’t descriptive enough of how quickly they turned things around!

The peloton arrives


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  • Glenda – Dining In

    Interesting post and fab phots.

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      Thanks Glenda – it really was an amazing day!

  • mummyofboygirltwins

    Wow fab photos! We were in the area too that day as my Sister in Law has just had a baby and we were visiting, and it looked fabulous! Very exciting x

    • geekfairy

      Thank you! Yes it was an amazing day – hope you got to see some of the spectacle x

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      Small world! It was an incredible day – so much work went into it for us but the rewards were amazing :)

  • Lisa and Stella

    I skived off work for a few hours to watch part of the Cambridgeshire stage through Sawston that day. Such a lot of preparation had been put in for the bikes to speed past in a matter of minutes but it was a brilliant atmosphere :) Great photos too!

    You must be near neighbours with the Kershaws there then?!

    • geekfairy

      I know, the bikes flew by and it was all over too quickly! And yes we’re not far from them.

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      I know the bikes flew by in a flash and then it was all over! Great fun though.

      We’re not quite neighbours but just down the road I think.

  • Franglaise Mummy

    Those are incredible photos – well done Hubby! We watched the Tour de France 4 years ago in a tiny village in the Alps when L was 3 and 1/2 and it was incredible! She loved all the toys and sweets being thrown to the crowd the most for some reason….

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      Yep I’m reet proud of him *beams*. We didn’t see much in the way of goodies – I think they were saving them for the towns :)