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Guest post: How to make Riz au Lait

Guest post: How to make Riz au Lait


While we’re enjoying our latest adventure with James Villas in Provence this week, stocking up on baguettes, cheese, and delicious wine, I’m delighted to welcome two fabulous bloggers to bring you some of their favourite tastes of this famous French region.

Today the gorgeous Mel from Le Coin de Mel brings you a delicious recipe from her childhood. Mel has four children, a husband and a serious food addiction. Her blog, Le Coin de Mel is all about food, family life, allergies, crafts, days out and pretty much everything she gets up to with her four children. When Mel is not drooling over photos of cake on  or , she bakes with her children, plans meals, thinks about her next baking challenge, shares recipes with friends or takes photos of food. Enjoy!

Mel from Le Coin de Mel

Riz au Lait – A Family Recipe by Le Coin de Mel

Just like Proust with his madeleine, some smells, dishes or desserts remind me of my childhood in France. Waffles and rice pudding make me think of my Mamie (grandmother) every time!

I know that here, rice pudding is seen as far from exciting. Most people seem to think of it with disgust as they remember the glue-like consistency of the dessert they were subjected to at school.

To me, Riz au Lait is a real treat. The thick, rice-based pudding is more filling and healthier than ice cream or cake. It is also free from egg, wheat and nuts so my little Jumpy can enjoy it, too! When she was on a dairy-free diet, I found that soya or coconut milk worked well.

Riz au Lait from Coin de Mel

It is the sort of afternoon snack I make on a cold day to warm ourselves up. I usually make a big batch. We have a bowl of warm, creamy rice with a mug of hot chocolate, and I let the rest cool down for later, or use it as the base for one of my favourite desserts, Gâteau de Riz.

Oh, and it is incredibly easy to make! Convinced? Still not… My children were the same initially. The idea of eating rice for dessert was not filling them with glee to be honest. Until I suggested adding sprinkles on top, that is. It really made a difference, and now they keep asking me to make Riz au Lait.

Serves 8


200g pudding rice

1l semi-skimmed milk

1 vanilla pod

120g white sugar (caster or granulated)

Optional: sprinkles


#1 Rinse the rice thoroughly, until the water runs clear.

#2 Place it in a large pan and cover with cold water.

#3 Cook for four minutes on a high heat.

#4 Drain the water and rinse the rice again under the cold tap.

#5 Bring the milk, sugar and vanilla pod (split in two) to the boil.

#6 Add in the rice.

#7 Cook on a low heat for 30 minutes, stirring regularly with a wooden spoon.

Serve warm or cold, with or without sprinkles.

Bon appétit!



  1. Oh wow, utterly delicious and very similar to Greek rice pudding, which I now need to eat! Thanks to Mel and you, gorgeous post and recipe x
    HonestMum recently posted…Proud in my Bikini

    • He he, that’s the trouble with recipe posts isn’t it! 😉

  2. My children love rice pudding. I hated it as a child but have come to love it too, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
    Fionnuala recently posted…

    • Ooo sprinkled with lemon and sugar! Never tried that…

  3. This looks just like the “milk rice” my Grandmother used to make for me. I found a similar version in the “Joy of Cooking” cookbook, but I’m going to try this one with the vanilla pod. Yum!
    Jen recently posted…Tiny Interesting Choices

  4. My fave to cook! But this one is different and Mel is good so I will definitely try this for my next batch (I cook a lot then freeze them and just microwave on mornings for my son)!
    Merlinda Little recently posted…On Marriage and Parenting

    • Wow you’re organised and that’s a great idea to freeze little pots for the morning – thanks for the tip Merlinda! x

  5. I’m the odd one out in my family as I really don’t like rice pudding (or custard – I think it’s a consistency issue!). However, the rest of my family absolutely love rice pudding so I do make it quite often. This recipe looks great and so much healthier than shop bought – love the idea of using sprinkles, I think that will be very popular!
    JoyandPops recently posted…Finding Joy – What Marriage Means To Me.

  6. Yummy! It looks and sounds delicious! I’ve got pudding rice in the cupboard so just need the vanilla pod and I’m ready to go! #sharethejoy
    Emma’s Mamma recently posted…Heartbroken – a letter to Emma

  7. Just added vanilla pod to my shopping order and will be trying this out in the next few days – sounds very yummy. Thanks for sharing Mel! :-)
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Me and Mine – May

    • Ha ha, love you!

  8. Thank you so much for featuring one of my recipes, my lovely. It makes me want to have Riz au Lait right now! Enjoy every minute in Provence. X
    Mel recently posted…Paul McCartney Live: What a Legend!

    • Thank YOU honey for a fabulous guest post – I’m so going to be trying this when we get back home to bring back memories of the fabulous time we’re having in Provence! x

      • My pleasure sweetie! x



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