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One year on – do I still love NOOM?

One year on – do I still love NOOM?

Last year the husband and I used the healthy habit forming app, NOOM, to help us lose 60lb between us. I raved about it to everyone I knew, wrote about it here and here and, following a chance meeting with the NOOM team at Britmums Live last year, became an Ambassador for the brand appearing both in the press and on radio – they even made me my very own t-shirt!

Noom ambassador

For me the mark of a good app is it’s longevity and as it’s been 14 months since I first downloaded the Noom app onto my phone, and told you all how much I was a fan, I thought it was time to see if I still LOVE it.


I haven’t regained the 22lb that I lost using NOOM. Yes my weight does fluctuate up and down a pound or so from time to time but I consider that a normal part of my cycle. So does that mean I don’t need NOOM anymore? No.

Maintenance is key for me because my healthy habits can slip all too easily when there is toddler-grub like biscuits around!

Using NOOM to record what I eat reminds me to choose wisely, resist hoovering up the kids leftovers (toast and butter…) watch my portion sizes and think about what goes into my body rather than eating mindlessly.  And the simple traffic light system helps me eat healthily because it’s not just about eating light, it’s about eating right.

Noom green percentage

I still use the app to record my exercise too – ok there’s been a bit less of it since I broke my hand – but now that I’m back pounding the road again I’m logging my runs and congratulating myself with a treat. And NOOM makes sure that treat isn’t enough to tip me over my daily target. I don’t use the built-in pedometer as much on my runs since I bought my shiny Garmin *buffs it proudly* but NOOM does still record every step I take during the day, which encourages me to walk that little bit further than I might do otherwise.

Noom exercise log


Ok I’ll put my hand up and say that some days I forget to NOOM all my meals as I have them. With two little ones under six there’s a lot going in at Bod Towers at mealtimes and between dodging flying Cheerios and clearing up spilt juice I don’t always have a moment to whip out my phone to record what I ate (especially now that I’m working on being a Hands Free Mama).

But I DO still use it everyday. Even if I haven’t added in my meals during the day I make sure I do in the evening and if I’ve inadvertently gone over my target I make a note to watch myself more closely the next day.

I have noticed that on those days that I don’t use NOOM during the day I am more likely to overeat. A while ago I switched off the notifications on my phone that remind me to NOOM after each meal. I soon switched them on again. I want to make sure that I can still wear my favourite Boden swimsuit like I did on our fabulous James Villas holiday last year!

Swimsuit ready with Noom


Honestly, yes, absolutely. NOOM is as part of my life now as email. I could live without it, of course, but I choose not to because it works for me. It keeps me on track. It supports my healthy habits. It doesn’t require me to know the calories of everything I eat which is great because counting calories sucks. And yes, I do still love these 6 things about it.


Yes again. For all the reasons above and one more… the basic version is free. So there’s really no excuse not to try it out!

An invitation to bloggers to try out Noom

I’d like to invite my fellow bloggers to try out NOOM PRO (the paid for version of the app with a few added extras) FREE for 3 months and see if it works for you. There’s no catch and nothing to sign up to. In return just let me know what you think of it and I’ll pass that info on to the team at NOOM to help them make it even better. Leave me a comment below if you’re interested and let me know if you’re on ANDROID or IPHONE – oh and this is a global offer!

Not a blogger? No problem! You can download the FREE version of NOOM here.

Have you tried using NOOM or a similar app? Have you found it works for you or do you forget to use it? I’d love to read your comments!

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  1. I would love to try this out if it’s still an option? I’m 2 stone lighter than I used to be but the last stone is so stubborn and I keep putting on and losing the same 4 lbs!
    I think doing a review of my efforts with noom would force me to behave…We have a Chinese delivery en route as I type eek!
    Stevie x
    A Cornish Mum aka Stevie! recently posted…An Alternative Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

  2. Ahh hunny that is absolutely amazing. Well done you and what a great app to help you and your husband. You look amazing. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme
    jenny recently posted…

  3. Hi Michelle, I Am Ada. I co-hosted #allaboutyou this week. Thanks so much for linking up. =) Thanks for sharing your success story. You are brave and beautiful!

    Enjoy the weekend! And Welcome by, I love meeting new people!

  4. Remember that gorgeous photo and it’s amazing you’ve found something that works for you! I’m the slimmest I’ve been since kids now (got into 27 jeans yday-whoop) and feeling confident. I rarely wear jeans but started to again. Just need to get back to exercise again post all these bugs. Well done darling, gorgeous as always x
    HonestMum recently posted…

  5. I am one of your lucky winners who have tried it. I love it especially the pedometer! I thought I am walking a lot but with the noom pedometer I realized I am not walking enough. Sadly I cant afford noom pro so I dont know how my walking is now again. #sharewithme
    Merlinda Little ( ) recently posted…Own Composition

  6. This looks exactly what I need! I lost 36lb of pregnancy weight last year — but put 8 on between November and January due to lots of birthday celebrations and parties!! Although I’ve kept the 2 stone off, I don’t want to start creeping up again and could really do with something like this to help me lose a little more and get me on track again! Losing weight is SO tedious!! Problem is, I love my food too much!! Would love to try the app! X

    Caro |
    Caro | The Twinkles Momma recently posted…109 weeks and 4 days | Vintage finds for the home

    • Wow that’s an amazing achievement Caro! I totally understand what you mean about the pounds creeping on again – yo-yo-ing is the worst thing right? Let’s get you set up – I’ll email you this week. Are you on Android or iPhone? x

  7. Sounds like a great little app! I’m very much on the lookout for ways to support a healthy lifestyle so would love to try it out. I’m on iPhone :) Thanks x
    Sophie Lovett recently posted…Glamour and romance at Glazebrook House

    • Hi Sophie, that’s great! I’ll pop you an email and get the Noom team to get you set up x

  8. I would love to give this a try, I am using MyPlate App as I have been given a plan to follow to try and reduce my carb intake and watch my sugar and increase my protein. 22lb is an incredible amount I would be happy with 10lb to start with.

    How do I get the app Michelle?


    Mama Muse Lovely Shoes recently posted…

    • Fantastic! I’ll drop you an email later on this week with the details. Are you on Android or iPhone? Doesn’t matter, just affects how we install the app. Thanks x

  9. Well done lovely xx
    Susan Mann recently posted…

    • Thank you sweetie, hope you’re well? x

  10. I had no idea what Noom was before I saw it on your blog! Whilst I am reluctant to add another “thing” to my hectic days, I do like the idea of being able to track mealtimes. I do not need to lose weight, but I *do* need to watch what I eat and see how that affects my mood and digestion, as I am having major issues with that right now. Would it work for that too?
    Amanda recently posted…Poetry Corner – Yet Still We Stand…

    • Noom has a traffic light system Amanda that shows you what proportion of what you’re eating is red, amber or green – would that be helpful? It doesn’t allow you to track your mood though, although I LOVE this idea. Would you like to try Noom out for 3 months and give me some feedback I can pass on to the team?

  11. It is so brilliant that it still works for you and makes a difference. I think, as you say, it is to do with being mindful. I would LOVE to try it out (I am on android) let me know what else you need. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Pet Shop Girl

    • Fantastic! Will drop you an email later this week x

  12. Well done on your weight loss success, it’s not easy!
    I used to use myfitnesspal to track calories and exercise but I found that I had to use a lot of guess work and I doubted that I always got it right, would be very easy to overeat but think you’re doing ok. Noom sounds a bit more precise and I am definitely a ‘grazer’ when it comes to how much I really eat – I blame the toddler biscuits too!
    JoyandPops recently posted…Finding Joy – Clear The Clutter

    • Yep grazing a lot here too! It’s hard when the kids are little I think because there is so much more food available to nibble on. I swear by chewing gum though and pop a tab in whenever I feel my willpower starting to slip – impossible to snack and chew at the same time! Let me know if you’d like to try Noom out for 3 months honey?

  13. It’s so incredible that you and your hubby had such a massive success with Boom lovely. Sounds great if you are prone to making bad food choices, keeping a food diary is always a good idea as a wake up call xxx

    • Thanks Renee we’ve never felt better! For me it’s hoovering up leftovers and portion control that’s the problem – probably the same for a lot of people I expect :)

  14. I was reading through this thinking, i really need to get something like this to help me maintain my weight and then BOOM (not Noon!) you have this amazing, shiny new trial available. YES PLEASE! You had me at the basic, free version but the Pro would be even better. Oh and you look fabulous in that Boden swimming cossie, I’m heading over to the Boden site right now to find one.
    Fab post, Mrs.
    Ali recently posted…So what are your Mother’s Day plans?

    • Fantastic Ali great to have you on board – I’ll email you this week. Are you on Android or iPhone?

  15. Hi Michelle, I’d seen Noom on your sidebar but not heard of them before and am interested in trying the app. I used to regularly play team sports but find them harder to commit to right now but am struggling with going for a run and keeping as fit as I want to, and I like my food too! I’m using a couple of apps but i don’t think I’ve found the one that keeps my interest yet.
    stephanie recently posted…Black & White photo: There’s a hole in my roof

    • Hi Stephanie you’re right that you have to find an app that works for you, everyone’s different right? Let’s get you set up on Noom and see what you think. I’ll drop you an email this week x

      • Fab, thank you x

  16. Oooo, this sounds JUST what I need when I come off the TFR diet that I am currently on and refeeding onto a VLCD. Yes please, I would love to be put forward. Let me know what you need. It sounds like it has really worked for you. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x
    Verily Victoria Vocalises recently posted…Project 365 – 8th to 14th February 2015

    • Hi Vicky yes I’ve been reading about your new regime – this could be a good accompaniment actually. I’ll drop you an email and let’s get you set up :)

    • By the way are you on Andoid or iPhone?

  17. Hi Michelle, this sounds a great app. Well done on the weight loss between you both, how cool is it to be an ambassador for them :) I had not heard of them before, I will have to go check them out. I love anything to do with diet and fitness :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop
    claire recently posted…

    • Thanks Claire – it’s been an amazing ride! Let me know if you’d like to try it out for 3 months :)

  18. I’ve been using myfitnesspal app for a while, and although I like it for the most part, find it does not have a lot of the foods I eat.
    Does Noom only list calories or does it give the other nutritional content as well? I count carbohydrates as a diabetic.
    How do I get the pro version of Noom for the 3 months?
    Heidi recently posted…Valentines Day 2015

    • I tried the Weight Watchers app for a while Heidi and I found the same thing – it was annoying that so many of the foods I ate weren’t included. I find it’s a lot easier with Noom – but try it for yourself and I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me an email at and let’s get you set up!



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