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A conversation with my kids before our road trip

A conversation with my kids before our road trip

Guys can we stop for a minute and have a little conversation? Ok stop doing that. STOP.

S. T. O. P.

Right, what was I saying…. oh yes pretty soon we’re going to be getting in the car and when we finally get out, two days later, we’ll be in Spain. Yay! It IS a road trip.

Ok can you stop jumping around for a minute? Thank you.

I know you’ve probably got some questions so I thought we could have a little chat about the trip. Ok, off you go…

Yes you’ll be getting up while it’s still dark on the day we leave. Yeeeess… I know it’s not a school day. No you can’t have a lie in. No I’m not going to carry you the whole way to Spain.

Yes there will be a warm pool and a games room. Yes you’ll both have your own rooms. Yes there’s a playground. I don’t know if there’s a pirate ship. No there won’t be a REAL pirate ship. I’m sure, but it will be great anyway.

Yes it will be lovely and sunny. No you probably don’t need your winter boots. Yes I know it’s cold here. Yes I suppose it is like Mr Sun is coming on holiday too. No he probably won’t be coming back with us.

Yes you can take some of your own toys. Trains Little Man? Yes. No you can’t take every toy from the playroom. Especially not the space hopper.

Bear on a suitcase

Yes I will be packing all of your things. Yes I will probably be sitting on the suitcase again. It’s not that funny.

Yes they do have lovely food in Spain, it’s delicious (please eat some of it). Yes I’ve packed your favourite snacks. No you can’t have fish fingers everyday. Yes I’m sure they have yoghurt and bananas where we’re going.

Yes we’ll be having a packed lunch on the way. Yes both days. Yes you can have Marmite sandwiches. And bananas. No you can’t eat chocolate the whole way there.

Yes you will be able to choose from a squillion DVDs to watch in the car. And books to read. And paper and pencils to draw. No you can’t have pens. Or glue. Or a sand pit.

Yes there might be a magazine as a treat with some sort of plastic toy of on the front that I can’t get out of the packet without totally destroying the front page. Yes I might say a rude word. Yes you probably will repeat it the first night at the resort restaurant. No I won’t be happy about that.

No we can’t have SKY in the car.

Yes of course Doggy can come too, he’s your special friend and I know you can’t sleep without him. Yes your brother can bring his Doggy too. Yes I know they’re not real. Ok, woof woof Doggy.

Ok, everyone clear?


Kids in the car

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  1. Haha, very good! Two days in a car though, gosh.. What the heck did people do before portable DVD players!?

  2. Ha! Brilliant post :) 2 days in a car though?! Phew! Hope you have a fabulous trip and the suitcase is more comfortable than it sounds!! Xx thanks for linking Jo to #allaboutyou xxx

    • I know, we must have been mad! It did mean we could take everything with us though… and I do mean EVERYTHING! x

  3. You are brave! Hope it went well and you had a fab holibobs! Loved reading this #AllAboutYou

    • Thanks so much, we did have fun actually – lots more posts on here from the holiday if you’re interested… :)

  4. Hope you got there in one piece! x

  5. Haha! Love a road trip and these conversations before the arguments start are hilarious x

  6. Brilliant! I hope the road trip is going well so far, can’t wait to hear all about it. We used to drive down to the south of France as kids – the first year we went there were 5 children aged 3 to 13 in a non-air-conditioned car with just a book each to read and about 6 tapes of music to share! Still love a family road trip though :-) xx

    • It went much better than I thought it would, apart from the sickness, crying, tantrums…. buy hey the sunshine and our lovely villa MORE than made up for it :)

  7. lol love it x

  8. Great post! I love ‘is there Sky in the car?’! Hope you’ve made it to Spain safe and sound! I got the ‘Are we there yet.’ when we were still on the M25! x

    • Thanks lovely! I think it helped that we left in the dark and they fell asleep almost immediately so ‘are we there yet’ didn’t happen for a couple of hours…. of course then it didn’t stop, but we have to be thankful for small mercies eh? *grins*

  9. Heehee I am used to this although mine is always the we are on a plane for the next 26 hours. The conversation usually has to be told to Mr P as well as the kids. hahaha Love this. Thanks for tweeting! Brilliant. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  10. hee hee hee, that did make me chuckle! What a fab post, have a wonderful time darling! Oh, and if you could persuade Mr.Sun to come back with you that would be lovely! xxx

    • Thanks Zaz, glad it made you smile :) Unfortunately Mr Sun had other plans, I tried my best!



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