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Posted by on Jul 13, 2014 in Life | 4 comments

Not my usual Sunday morning #MatildaMae

Not my usual Sunday morning #MatildaMae

I’m up early this morning, as usual, listening to Chris Martin being interviewed by Steve Martin on Radio 2 (via their Radio 2 Mail – which by the way I’m loving).

In an hour or so the children will wake, as usual, one demanding milk, the other probably turning over and snuggling back under her duvet for a while. Breakfast will happen, as usual.

But this is not my usual Sunday morning. This Sunday will be different.

Because I will put this on.

The Lullaby Trust running vest

And paint pink stars on my cheeks and my arms.

And I will drive into the village and stand on the starting line and think of all the families that have needed the help and support of The Lullaby Trust.

And I will run/walk my 10k hoping that by raising the small amount that I have, thanks to many of you, I have done something to help.

That I will have contributed to the people that helped and supported Jennie and her family. That I will have honoured the memory of #MatildaMae.

That on this unusual Sunday morning I will have done what I can.

(There is still time to donate whatever you can here.)

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  • Katie / Pouting In Heels

    Good luck and done!!! X

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      Thank you SO much lovely lady x

  • Franglaise Mummy

    Go you! So proud of you, however you make it round. Thinking of you this morning x

    • Michelle at Bod for tea

      Thank you! I made it round in 1 hour 47 seconds which was a PB – so pleased with myself :)