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Now you are five

Now you are five


Five years ago today she told us you’d have to be taken

Out of me and into a bright, cold, anticipating world

You had to fight so hard, my body couldn’t do any more to help you

I’m sorry you were tugged

I’m sorry you were pulled

I’m sorry they took you straight away from me, without that first important kiss

But you were strong, you fought, you cried, you made your presence known


Four years ago you played with new toys, blew the candles on my teddy bear cake, ran around with your expat friends

You revelled in the Shanghai sun, breakfasted with ladies who lunch, pushed your pram across shiny marble floors

You were not at home

But you were strong, you laughed, you danced, you made your presence known


Three years ago you were safe in the bosom of your family proud, spoiled beyond measure

You started leaving me, nursery doors swinging shut

You swam, you jumped, you ran

You refused to eat

But you were strong, you sang, you drew, you made your presence known

Birthday cake

Two years ago you were not alone

A surprise awaited you, a hidden friend to puzzle at, to wonder at, to make you smile

A bundle of frustration, tied up with love

The last moments of our duo – you couldn’t begin to imagine the change in your world

But you were strong, you were kind, you kissed him and made your presence known


One year ago school awaited

You sat astride a Scottish canon and dreamt of huge burghundy-clad teddy bears welcoming you into their world

You left us, two small black shiny shoes starting a long journey of discovery, fear, joy and wonder

But you were strong, you were brave, you made your presence known


Now you are five

We don’t know what this year will bring, it’s pregnant with possibilities

But know this – you are strong, you are beautiful and my darling daughter you are known


My birthday girl


Joining up with the lovely Vicki’s Brilliant Blog Posts at

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  1. Aww happy birthday. Love this x

  2. Oh this is absolutely beautiful and has brought a tear to my eye. I hope your precious daughter had a wonderful birthday x xx

  3. Beautiful words….
    Happy Birthday! Hope she has a wonderful day x

    • Thank you Kim! She had a fab day – full of fun, frolics, family and of course a few presents too :)

  4. Oh Michelle, this brought tears to my eyes, beautiful. Happy birthday to your big girl xxx

  5. *wonderful even!

    • Thanks so much for linking up to #brilliantblogposts with this too darling x

  6. Just beautiful, what a gorgeous birthday tribute to your wonderfull and beautiful daughter, this was so touching, thanks for sharing x

  7. Beautiful. Happy birthday to your gorgeous princess! She sounds like a confident, kind young lady.
    Five already? How have the years flown by so quickly?!

    • Thanks Tinuke x You’re so right – I can hardly believe it was five years ago that we finally welcomed her into our expat live in Shanghai!


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