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Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in Travel | 26 comments

Peanut’s birth story

Welcome to the world sleepy head

On Tuesday 13 November at 12.19pm Peanut finally joined us.

It wasn’t the birth that we’d hoped for, it wasn’t the birth that we’d planned for and it wasn’t without incident.

Here’s our story…

We travelled to the hospital full of excitement early on Tuesday morning. Even though we’d been hoping for the chance to have a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-Section), Peanut had other ideas and was stubbornly breech from about 34 weeks, but we knew that day we’d meet out little boy. Just as we were going out the front door Curly Girl woke up and called out ‘Muuummyyyy!’ It pulled at my heart to leave her without saying goodbye but we knew she’d be more upset seeing us leave so we left her in Nana’s capable hands and set off. We arrived at 7am and were told that we’d probably have to wait until 10.30 for the birth. I was too excited and nervous to read. Time passed slowly. We retold my medical history to everyone that asked for it (I could probably manage to tweet it now, it’s that concise) and sat in my gown while the hospital came to life around us.

At 11am we were told to be ready, OH changed into a fetching set of scrubs with a rather natty hat and we walked down to theatre. That seemed odd for some reason, I thought I’d be wheeled down on a bed or in a wheelchair. Of course I was perfectly capable of walking, it just seemed less ER and more supermarket shopping.

So there I was in theatre, sitting on the operating bed, waiting for the bit that scared me most about the c-section – the spinal block. When Curly Girl was born in China the anaesthetist had 5 attempts at getting my epidural sited. Five, y’all. And it still didn’t work completely. I felt almost everything our OBGYN was doing during that operation and had to be knocked out on morphine as soon as she was out. As such I missed the first two hours of her life and her first feed had to be formula in a bottle. So much for a birth plan. So this time around I was nervous that the same thing would happen again.

I needn’t have worried. A lovely nurse stood in front of me and talked me through everything that was happening as the anaesthetist stood behind me and prepped the needle. I was reassured the whole way through the procedure and they checked constantly that I wasn’t in any pain. Before I knew it I was lying on the bed being prepped for surgery. At this point OH joined me and we held hands and chatted as Peanut was hoisted into the world. They lowered the curtain so I could see him being born and OH even took some photos.

While Peanut was cleaned and checked over the anaesthetist chatted away to me and told me what the surgeon was doing. Peanut even joined me for a cuddle for a while before OH took him to the recovery ward to wait for me. If an operation can be called pleasant, this one actually was. I can’t fault the care I had in theatre or afterwards in recovery or on the post op ward. There was even a chance that I’d be home the next day.

Except that my body had other ideas.

Apparently I lost the normal amount of blood in theatre, it was afterwards, when that bleeding didn’t stop that things started to go pear shaped. On one trip to the bathroom I couldn’t make it back on my own. Leaning against the wall outside the room, the room started to spin and waves of nausea broke over me. The paediatrician spotted me and put me bodily into a wheelchair and thankfully got me back to bed. Once I was lying down I felt ten times worse. I was sweating all over and I couldn’t move my arms. Then my hearing started to go, replaced by a whistling sound. I shut my eyes and felt my body shutting down around me. I’ve never been so terrified in my life.

Again thanks to the midwives I was swiftly put on a drip and given iron tablets to try and replace the blood I’d lost while they booked a blood transfusion. The chief anaesthetist explained the risks and rewards and basically it was a no-brainer. Apparently a normal blood level is around 14 and I had dropped to 7.5. I needed the blood.

At midnight they woke me from a drowsy nap, Peanut glued to my chest and wheeled me to the labour ward where there were enough staff to monitor me continuously in case I had an allergic reaction to the transfusion. I had three units pumped into me overnight and by Thursday lunchtime I was a new woman. I don’t know who donated the blood I received but I’m so grateful they did. Thanks to them we were able to bring Peanut home that evening.

I donated blood before I became pregnant with Curly Girl and I will again when we finish breastfeeding. Please, if you can, give blood. It takes less then an hour and you could save someone’s life.

  • bod for tea

    And here I am late replying! Thanks my dear, all’s well now. We just seem to be ‘blessed’ with eventful births! :D

  • Older Mum

    So sorry I’m late to the party here – I’ve been having a little break. So glad peanut arrived safely and that the operation was much better in comparison to your experience in China BUT afterwards sounded very scary – thank goodness the transfusion went well. Hope you are all thriving now!

  • Iota

    Great to hear of the safe arrival of Peanut, and I’m glad you’re ok too. How scary that whole incident must have been.

  • bod for tea

    Thank you! Yes it was a bit but I was luckily in very safe hands x

  • The Rambling Pages

    I use to be a regular reader of your blog and have fallen off the radar with so many, but coming back and reading about the birth of peanut is fantastic (i knew you were expecting again, but when I was last reading regularly you were still going through the horrid traumas of trying to get pregnant – see I told you I had been away a long time!).

    massive congratulations on Peanut’s safe arrival. Sorry to hear about your after birth experience but amazing what a little blood can do isn’t it. I also received transfusions following Mini Man’s birth but sadly have been told as a recipient of blood, I can no longer donate, apparently you are no longer eligible. Its such a shame and makes me so glad that I donated before I needed some myself. I would encourage anyone who can donate to donate, the blood transfusions actually saved my life so thank you out there to all who do donate x

  • bod for tea

    Hello! *Waves* and welcome back! Thanks for your kind words lovely, despite the blood transfusion it was actually a lovely birth experience and compared to what happened with Curly Girl I feel blessed x

  • benzeknees

    Congrats on baby Peanut! I’m sorry you had to have such a tough time after the birth. I am not able to give blood due to medical issues, but hubby (with a rare blood type) gives every 5 weeks & has for over 20 years. It’s good to know how his small contribution helps.

  • bod for tea

    Every little helps actually, it’s such a small thing but it can mean so much to someone.

  • Susan Mann

    A scary time but everything turned out ok in the end. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little one. Giving blood is very important, you never know when you will need it. x

  • bod for tea

    Thanks Susan x

  • Bavarian Sojourn

    You are so right about giving blood, what a scary time for you. Glad you are home safe and sound. Take it easy x

  • bod for tea

    Unfortunately I believe that it means I can’t give blood myself now but I did for many years and am so glad whoever donated my blood did too.

  • HonestMum

    Oh wow sorry to hear about that and so glad you are ok now. Well done Mamma too, congratulations again, he’s gorgeous x

  • bod for tea

    Thanks lovely!

  • Bibsey Mama

    Oh my, you soldier. That sounds terrifying. So glad you are ok. looking forward to seeing more photos of your darling Peanut. How’s Curly Girl doing?

  • bod for tea

    Actually it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, the staff in the hospital were awesome. And all in all it was still a better birth experience than with Curly Girl. She is being an awesome big Sis :)

  • Bibsey Mama

    Wow! Well done. And that photo is amazing! Made me gasp… now must go back and read all the words properly. Big kisses xxx

  • bod for tea

    Ahh thank you, OH took it at just the right time :D

  • Mummy Plum

    Congratulations on bringing Peanut into the world. It must feel like a dream come true. What a moving birth story. I’m so glad that everything turned out well for both of you in the end. Enjoy these precious first few weeks and days x

  • bod for tea

    Thank you lovely, and massive congrats to you too!!

  • Melksham Mum

    Well done my lovely. I love anaesthetists, they are my favourite people in birthing situations. Birth plans should be thrown out of the window – they never work out or are just ignored! Amazing pics and I can’t believe you watched your own caesarean, I had a huge screen blocking Edith. VBACs ain’t all that great – A was dragged out like a baby calf whilst I was drugged up to the eyeballs! Ended up in theatre after as well – should have gone for the csection again.

  • bod for tea

    Thanks Mrs!!! xx

  • Ms Xpat

    While it isn’t what you planned for, its great to read that you and baby Peanut are fine. I wish you much happiness together and may everything go smoothly from here :0)

  • bod for tea

    Thanks lovely, it was actually such a positive experience, despite what happened afterwards!

  • Bex

    Moving birth story and so glad the ending was positive and peanut is safely home with you.x

  • bod for tea

    Thank you so much for your kind words x