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Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Reviews/Giveaways | 21 comments

You Are What You Eat

Some of you will know that from time to time I run the  here (erm… yep the club doors for April haven’t opened yet…) which all stemmed from the seemingly never-sending saga of DD’s fussy eating habits. So when the new paperback edition of Serge Bloch’s illustrated children’s book  popped through the letter box I was ready to be amused.

Playing on grown-up idioms like ‘eat my words’ and the images they could create in the minds of children, You Are What You Eat features a toddler with tunnel vision when it comes to his diet. I empathise. Or rather DD would. 

The book is charmingly illustrated with a clever combination of line drawings and photographs by Serge Bloch who won a gold medal at the Society of Illustrators and created art for numerous adult and children’s books. (He also illustrates for The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and Newsweek. I’m a bit in awe.) It’s aimed at children aimed four and up but, and I speak from experience here, their parents will probably steal it for a chuckle from time to time too.
Thankfully (spoiler alert!) everything turns out all right in the end and the little boy realises that when it comes to food, variety is the spice of life. Now if he could just come over here and teach that to my daughter, I’d be forever grateful.


I know I won’t be alone in loving this book. So I’m delighted to be able to give away a copy to three of you lovely lot. All you need to do is leave me a comment below with the food that always tempts your little one to eat (yep, I’m looking for new ideas people). 
The all important small print: I was sent a copy of You Are What You Eat by Serge Bloch (published by Sterling, ISBN: 9781402797606, Price £5.99) to review and offered three copies to give away. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own. This giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, one entry per household, and will be open until 6am (ish) on Friday 20th April 2012. There is no cash alternative. The three winners will be chosen at random via The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen, again at random. You don’t have to subscribe to Bod for tea or like my or follow me on as part of your entry. (But I wouldn’t complain if you did!)

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  • Fussy Eater’s Mum

    I’m not entering as I am in Australia, but I will have to go find a copy of this book as it sounds brilliant! I was actually thinking about making a t-shirt for my fussy eater with “You are what you eat” on it because I think it’s a great statement.
    As for a food idea for you…since chicken nuggets are such a draw card for the Fussy Eater, I’ve been making them with more veg than meat and so far she hasn’t twigged!

  • SAHMlovingit

    We have a fussy eater here when it comes to vegetables – the only ones she will eat is broccoli! She adores pasta though….I have a feeling we’ll be spending all holidays in Italy ;)

    I’m going to try baby-led weaning with Baby E and see if that turns out any different. Problem is, my husband is quite a fussy eater. Me? I’ll eat anything – expect smelly fish and bananas :D

  • bod for tea

    That’s a great idea! *Writes it down* Sorry you can’t enter though :(

  • bod for tea

    We tried baby-led weaning with DD and it was the only thing that worked, even now she is a small eater with a limited menu. Eating broccoli rocks though – well done her!

  • Pinkcherry1

    what a fab book i wouldlove my child to take notice of this she started of  really well eating pretty much anything green but when she got to 2 her grandad started spoiling her at the weekends with treats when he took her out so she decided she wasnt interested in the greens anymore i had a word with him and told him to bring healthy treats instead and so far its going ok but the difference in what kinds of foods she eats is shocking no nore orange pops … x

  • bod for tea

    It’s easy to tip the balance isn’t it? Toddlers are quick to catch on that treats are SO much nicer than that green stuff. It’s especially hard when family is involved. Good for you for standing your ground :)

  • Lstewart257

    my daughter hates garden peas but she loves strawberrys

  • newmummylaura

    My 11 MO is really fussy with food, but a successful meal that she will eat is wholewheat pasta, pesto, steamed broccoli and cream cheese, she eats most of that and I feel like she’s getting something filling and healthy to eat. The book looks fab by the way!   xxxxx

  • Katy Spence

    my 5yo son is borderline food phobic with most fresh fruits and I have no idea why, we have discovered though that dried fruit was a winner, cranberries, raisins, mango and apricots make a fab dried fruit mix which he will eat over cereal, yogurt and in flapjack!

  • michelle davis

    my daughter loves sweetcorn so i always try to add it to meals 

  • Lisa Troccoli

    My daughter is so fussy and has only just started eating chicken at 8….but the one food she loves is homemade pancakes!

  • Rachael Donovan

    My children will eat pretty much anything as long as they can have a yorkie pud with it ! great veg every day x

  • Jeccymail

    Gravy – stick it on anything and my 5 year old will eat it – he asked for “mashed potato with gravy, peas with gravy and broccoli with gravy” the other night!!!

  • Angela morgan

    Brocoli – alias trees

  • Samantha_ripley

    pretty much anything thats arranged to look like an amusing face

  • bod for tea

    Mmmm… homemade pancakes, what’s not to love about those!

  • bod for tea

    Flapjacks are a great toddler food, packed with energy and yumminess :)

  • bod for tea

    Wow, that’s a great meal! Sadly DD is not one for vegetables yet.

  • bod for tea

    Nothing wrong with yorkshire pud I always say :)

  • liveotherwise

    Fruit and cereal are our two fallback foods, always make sure I have both in.

  • olivia kirby

    My 2 Year old loves anything with broccoli or carrots in it (aswell as pizza!) and my one yr old loves meat!!
    My 1 yr old struggles with fruit so i make homemade cereal bars for him.