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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Newbie no more?

When do you stop being a newbie?
I’ve been reflecting on the fact that Bod for tea had it’s first birthday at the end of December. It’s no longer a young upstart or a nubile newbie. I know this because it’s no longer eligible for newbie blogger linkys. It was also the consensus of opinion on Twitter today when I asked the question (ok it was a consensus of two but that still counts.) It’s a bit sad, like when you turn eighteen and everyone says you’re all grown up but you still feel like a little girl inside. Ok, so I know how this little corner of cyberspace fits now, I like it’s shape and style, it washes and irons well (ok I stretched the metaphor there) but I don’t feel that I’ve suddenly become all-knowing, all-seeing, all-blogging. When you’re no longer a newbie it’s easy to feel like the support pants have been pulled down and you’re out there all exposed and flabby. So here’s my own personal pep talk to get me pulling those big knickers back up and start being my own cheerleader again. Feel free to use it if you need a bit of a lift yourself.

1. Remember why you started to blog in the first place. A creative outlet? A place to moan? A record of your family life? Whatever the reason (and it can be all of the above), it’s still there for you. Rediscover the joy in just pottering on your own blog for your own reasons. Don’t feel pressured to join in with this or that linky if you’d rather just tap away but if you enjoy them – do it! It’s your space. Make it your own.

2. Create a new support network. As a newbie there are lots of lovely bloggers who helped you find your feet and get those first few posts under your belt. (And here I must thank Mich over at Mummy from the Heart for being so supportive to me when I first started putting finger to keyboard.) Weren’t there other newbies that started at the same time as you? Yes. Don’t you have favourite blogs that you read? Yes. Ok then. Use the social media world for what it does best and get in touch. Chances are they’ll love to chew the fat with you and give you a virtual hug.

3. Take a break. I know this goes against my first tip but after twelve months of blogging the best thing you did was take a break for a few weeks. It gave you a sense of perspective. It stopped you thinking about stats and readers and telling yourself off for not posting enough. You just lived your life and enjoyed what it threw at you. Sometimes you threw stuff back. (There was a jolly game of catch for a while.) Now you’re back at the computer feeling refreshed and renewed, reclaiming your space as your own. It was becoming a number on your to do list. Make it the bit of fun in your day.

4. Meet people. Real people. And by this I mean meet some bloggers. In the flesh. What better way to build your support network and gain some confidence? They’re not monsters after all. (At least I don’t think they are.) Get yourself a ticket to BritMums before 29 Feb at the introductory price and start putting some faces to the words you read on the screen. Do it!

Phew! That feels better, nothing like a good talking to. In the end, a bit like life itself, I think you never really stop being a ‘newbie’ blogger. You make mistakes, you learn from them. But perhaps you just start taking your growing-up in your stride, pull up your big pants and enjoy the ride.

Here’s to the next twelve months.

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  • Troubles Mum

    Well done on your first blogoversary. It’s mine tomorrow, yay! So we’ve been blogging for about the same length of time. Great advice too.

  • bod for tea

    Thanks and congrats to you too! Here’s to another year tapping away *waves*

  • Iota

    Happy blogoversary! Enjoy your big girl pants.

  • bod for tea

    He he, thanks I will :D *waves*