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Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in Reviews/Giveaways | 13 comments

Giveaway: Back to school with Tights Please

Early morning is a very special time of day. Getting just that little bit of me time before the rest of the house is awake sets me up nicely for the rest of the day and reminds me, fleetingly, that adult life continues outside of toddlerworld. Having this head space to think often leads my mind down strange and interesting pathways and so it was that this morning, as I was waiting for the coffee to brew, filling DD’s syringe with iron (no we don’t inject her, but it’s the only way to get the blessed stuff out of the glass vials) and desperately trying not to look at our blocked sink (blocked despite OH going at it with a plunger and me pouring a bottle of danger-corrosive-orange-gloop down it), it struck me that in two years time I will probably be sitting in the same spot sewing name tags on every item of DD’s clothing in preparation for her first day at school.

After I’d wiped the cold sweat from my brow, soothed myself that this milestone is really quite a long way off and so I don’t need to start panicking about it just yet (although I did have to resist the urge to set a task reminder for 24 months ahead), I started thinking about back to school time. The brand new pencil case and sharpened pencils, shiny black patent shoes polished to within an inch of their lives with Vaseline (just my family then?), lunch box jammed full of healthy grub that will be swapped for crisps and chocolate in the school canteen…. and the tights.

Bit of a sore point here. When I was a girl *thinks back wistfully before realising just how long ago that really was* it seems we had to wear navy blue tights regardless of the weather. Warm day in September? Tough luck. Get your tights on. As I moved up through the school I swapped navy woolly tights for natural 15-denier grown-up ones and spent most of my break times repairing the holes in them with nail varnish. Will this cycle repeat itself for DD? I wonder…

Well best to be prepared I suppose, so it’s helpful that Tights Please sent DD a pair of lovely creamy yellow Sarah Borghi tights and asked us to review their site. (P.S. There’s a giveaway coming up so keep reading!)

Tights Please was born in 2000 out of the frustration at the inconvenience of going to the shops to buy tights, stockings, hold ups and socks. ‘What is the point in going to buy a pair of tights for a few pounds and paying at least as much again in petrol and parking?’ they thought, ‘only to then find the shop didn’t stock what you wanted in the first place!’ Quite so. Since then tightsplease has grown to be one of the largest online hosiery retailers in the world and at any one time they stock over 15,000 pairs of the tights, stockings, hold ups, socks, lingerie and shapewear. (Phew, wouldn’t want to do a stock-check at their place.) Here’s what we thought of their shopping experience:

Delivery - Quick and easy and packages come in small, convenient sizes to fit straight through your letter box. If you order before 4pm they’ll despatch the same day if what you want is in stock. DD’s tights arrived wrapped in tissue paper with a sprinkling of fabric rose petals inside. So pretty and an attention to detail some bigger names could take note of.

Customer Service – Good returns policy and 100% price match guarantee means I’d shop without worrying.

Website ease of use – I was surprised that there was no ‘back to school‘ banner on the home page (it appeared later the same day though) and I actually found it surprisingly difficult to find the kids section as it doesn’t have its own tab on the site. You have to click on tights and then select kids under the customer tab. A lot of people will assume their isn’t a children’s offering and click away, which is a shame. That said, the site is quite easy to use once you get to the kids section with the ability to search by different criteria and I know from speaking to them that Tights Please are working on the navigation to make it more intuitive.

Range - Considering that this is the prime time to buy back to school tights and socks for children there was a smaller range available than I expected, and very little for toddlers at all. Again, I raised this with Tights Please and they’re looking into getting a broader range of children’s products. Although the range is small, there are some good deals including 5 and 15 pair packs.

In a competitive marketplace with other online tights retailers such as UK Tights, Sock Shop and My Tights all vying for customers there are some improvements that Tightsplease could make to their online shopping experience but I love the delivery times, attention to detail, the customer service promise and their quick responses to my comments.

I’ve got two packs of 5 Sarah Borghi girl’s tights to give away courtesy of Tights Please. They’re perfect for going back to school and come in dark navy or black. Just leave me a comment below with your email or Twitter address and let me know what colour and size (2-3 years, 4-5 years, 6-8 years or 9-11 years) you’d like if you’re the lucky winner. For an extra entry, tweet: I’ve entered the Bod for tea back to school tights giveaway, have you? #Bodstights and add a link to this page.

This giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, one entry per household, and will be open until 1pm on Tuesday 30 August 2011. There is no cash alternative. The winner will be chosen at random via The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen, again at random. You don’t have to subscribe to Bod for tea or like my or follow me on as part of your entry. (But I wouldn’t complain if you did!)

Disclaimer: sent us one pair of toddlers tights to review and two packs of 5 tights to offer as a giveaway prize. All the opinions in this post are my own.

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