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Posted by on Mar 19, 2012 in Reviews/Giveaways | 37 comments

Crazy Soap Giveaway

The moment we breach the top step as we venture upstairs after tea DD engages her second wind. It really is a sight to behold and a miracle of energy consumption. There’s probably a biological equation that explains it better but basically a sleepy toddler downstairs consumes a small amount of food, wearily climbs the stairs to Befordshire and then proceeds to bounce off the walls like Tigger on crack. I wouldn’t mind so much if she lived on a tea-time diet of Coca-Cola and chocolate, but Marmite on toast, diced pear and yoghurt? Mmm…

So with all this energy floating about you can well imagine that bath time, which in the cycle of our day falls neatly between tea and bed time aka the battleground, is a pretty crazy affair. It was quite fortuitous therefore that the nice folks (well, I assume they’re nice folks, one likes to think positively of people one has never met) at Crazy Soap dropped me a line and asked if we’d like to review their range of children’s bath products.

When the box arrived DD was immediately taken with the bright packaging and when I explained that the blue tube and the red tube were paint that she could play with in the bath she all but swung her towel over her shoulder and donned a shower cap. It was only lunchtime though and so a useful lesson in patience ensued.

DD: Is it bath time yet, Mummy?
Me: No, not yet.


DD: Is it bath time now, Mummy?
Me: *Checks watch* No, in the last ten seconds five hours haven’t magically passed.

DD: *puzzled expression*
Me: *Sigh* No, not yet.

And such was our afternoon sprinkled with doses of me playing the Fat Controller and being perpetually cross in a northern accent (that guy must have serious digestion issues); DD needing the loo (mad dash), then not needing it, then needing it again (mad dash again) and us colouring in a Wiggles print-off poster purple because Jeff is clearly the best Wiggle and he’s always asleep (oh how I envy him).

When bath time finally popped it’s head around the door we were up the stairs like a dose of salts. I used the yellow goo to make a mass of bubbles in the bath and then, using the fab set of that White Step sent us a few weeks ago, I measured out some of the blue paint, the red paint and the light green bath foam into pots and DD set to work painting the bath with an old toothbrush. Then she painted her other bath toys, her tummy, her arms, her face (yep, not really supposed to put it on your face but try telling that to a toddler in the throws of an artistic episode), my arm and anything else that came within range. After a few moments I left her to get on with it and pottered about doing some chores. When I returned the bath looked like a Jackson Pollock masterpiece. Or a domestic nightmare.

Thankfully, as promised, all traces of the paint were quickly removed from DD and the bath with a quick rinse and the bath foam, which has a yummy fruity fragrence, got her squeaky clean. Specially formulated for children, Crazy Soap Foam, Paint and Goo are mild and gentle on the skin with a fruity fragrance. DD absolutely LOVES the whole range and has jumped into the bath with no fuss ever since they arrived. They smell lovely, are easy to clean up and are suitable for children aged 3+ under adult supervision. (Note: they should not be used on the face, mouth, eyes, ears or broken skin.)

Here’s the details of the full range:

Crazy Soap Foam (RRP £2.00 225 ml)
It’s soap in a can that can be squirted, moulded and bounced into any shape. Get everyone to use their imagination and try animals and funny shapes before using it to get squeaky clean.

Crazy Soap Body Paint (RRP £2.49 150 ml)
It’s a soap that’s a paint and it’s available in blue or red. Try painting one hand blue and one hand red and then rub together to make purple before washing off to reveal clean skin underneath.

Crazy Soap Bath Goo (RRP £2.99 250 ml)
It’s soap that looks like yellow goo. Scoop it and squidge it under running water and turn it into fruity fragranced bubbles for bath time fun that cleans kids as they play.

The Crazy Soap range is available from Tesco and Morrisons and Lloyds Health Village Thurrock, but I’ve got one pot of Bath Goo and one can of Foam to giveaway! Just leave me a comment below with details of your little one’s favourite bath time toy (yep, I’m looking for new ideas) and the first person drawn at random next Monday will be the lucky recipient of more bath fun than you can shake a stick at.

The small print: We were sent the full range of Crazy Soap bath products to review. We received no other compensation and all opinions are my own. This giveaway is open to UK residents aged 18 or over, one entry per household, and will be open until 6am (ish) on Monday 26 March 2012. There is no cash alternative. The winner will be chosen at random via The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen, again at random. You don’t have to subscribe to Bod for tea or like my or follow me on as part of your entry. (But I wouldn’t complain if you did!)

Cartoon Image: Simon Howden / 

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  • Sarah Clegg

    my son and daughter love using crazy soap to play with and create differant animals :)

  • bod for tea

    It’s fab stuff isn’t it? :D

  • cath beckett

    My twin 3yr old boys love bath time, they like nothing more than wetting  their  mummy with squirting toys, they also enjoy painting each other with the body paint, good job it washes off easily !!! :)

  • Angela Morgan


  • bod for tea

    Really? Do they wash off easily?

  • bod for tea

    Bath time is a joyous occasion in this house too :D

  • jason

    a plastic boat

  • Fay Mcclaren

    An empty Johnsons bubble bath bottle!

  • GaynorBrown

    My 2 boys just love playing with a cullender in the bath they pretend it’s raining on them also a little green frog it’s soooo sweet to watch x

  • Emmyn2

    old fashioned hair washer. (ones that attach to taps), can use it as a gentle shower, can disconnect head and blow bubbles in bubble bath or make rude noises that make them giggle, or pretend its a jacuzzi.

    The imagination of the kids :)

  • clair

    drumsticks and drum!

  • Lucy Bonson

    Anything that squirts water !

  • Cheryl Lovell

    Some plastic boats! Lol

  • samantha_ripley

    My daughter likes to take toy pots and pans into the bath and pretend shes cooking with the water and bubbles yum yum

  • Olivia kirby

    Our babies bath together and love playing with all our tupperware and a big plastic penguin!

  • Wendy Tyler

    My children got a bath friendly xylophone for Christmas (part of a musical instrument bath set) and they do love it.  My 5 year old puts it together and plays it while the two year old breaks it up and sticks it to the bath sides, and occasionally sticks it back together.  Lots of play value.

  • Michaela

    my son loves ducks, squeezy bottles or most recently my xbox controller :(

  • laura marie

    My daughter loves bath crayons, empty bottles, cups, anything that makes a mess :)

  • Paro Teez

    Swimming action man

  • Angiewardle

    A plastic measuring jug – the pleasure he gets in just filling it up and tipping it out again is puzzling to a grown up.

  • Sarahyates1979

    My sons favourite bath toy is a simple plastic tumbler.  He loves pouring water out of it and filling it up again.  After all the bath toys we have bought him (some not so cheap) he still plays with the plastic tumbler!

  • karen dixon

    lids from the various bottles in the bathroom

  • Xxme2uxx

    empty shampoo and conditioner bottles x

  • Natconcat

    playing with the flannels

  • Vicki lumley

    tomy whistling whale, it entertains me too :0)