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Mud mud glorious mud!

Mud mud glorious mud!


This week’s it’s Half Term here at Bod Towers. The first part of the week was filled with the usual holiday chores – dentist check-ups, school shoe fittings – and a hospital appointment for me where I’m delighted to say my consultant considered my hand recovery so far was ‘remarkable’ – go me!

But the rest of the week has been all about the littles. Playdates, swimming, pizza, cupcake making, Curly Girl and I creating a fairy field journal together after watching Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue and lots and lots of playing.

The weather has been pretty rubbish but on one bright day we decided it was time to ignore the chill and get out into the garden for some messy fun. Cue water play, pouring and mud, glorious mud!



Initially they played separately in the little patch of garden that we keep purposely for them – anything goes here with lots of digging and pouring to make mud pies and ‘coffee’ for Mummy!


But my two seem to be attracted to each other by some magnetic force and it wasn’t long before they were playing side by side.

In the garden



I love this shot of Curly Girl helping her brother to fill up his containers from the rain water butt – which incidentally is a great way to get free water for the kids to play with when you’ve got a water meter.

Water butt

Little Man took it upon himself to be in charge of water supplies!

Water carrier

Totally love these wellingtons from Mothercare – boy at work indeed!

Wellington boots

While the kids enjoyed themselves in the fresh air I wandered about the garden feeling rather sad for our little spot of greenery which I always think looks decidedly sad at this time of year. But then I looked closer and saw that Spring was already starting to emerge, with shoots and buds signaling new growth.



New shoots

Watching my two little ones so happily playing together, co-operating, sharing and just messing about in the mud, I was struck by how easy it can be for children to find joy in the simple things.

It felt like a real lesson in living in the moment and just going with the flow of the here and now.

Perhaps I AM seeing messages in everything at the moment but I decided to take it as another reminder that we can all choose JOY, even when we seem to be stuck in the mud! Another stepping stone along my journey to joy this year.

What fun have you been getting up during the half term break? If you’ve written a post about it, why not link up on Monday with my Share the Joy linky?

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  1. Beautiful post and some lovely pictures too. A siblings relationship is so special, especially when they start doing things together :) xx #sharethejoylinky

  2. Kids are brilliant at reminding us how to enjoy the little things. It’s these moments that I’m sure they will remember forever.

  3. It is lovely when you see the Little Ones playing with each other as opposed to side-by-side, and really enjoying each other’s company. That moment when you look at them and realise that they really are happy is quite heartwarming.
    February half term for us was about spending time at home, primarily, and just recouping after such a long winter.
    Glad you had fun xx

  4. Those photos of them playing side by side are adorable! I love that you found the little signs of spring in your garden. it’s like everything is waking up.
    Ali recently posted…Home styling in a grey & cream

  5. I have a funny relationship with mud – at home in the garden it’s fine, I deal with it and usually have gardening gloves on. But when we’re out walking, I’ll walk much further just to avoid it even if I’ve got the right shoes/boots on. Great to see tour two enjoying playing in the garden and yes, the buds are coming. Hopefully spring won’t be too far behind! :)
    Stephanie recently posted…Flour +Water +Salt = Sourdough

  6. Aah, it looks like they had a lot of fun, and what a lovely idea to have an area of the garden just for them to play in. Love seeing the signs of Spring! I feel like we are all particularly desperate for it to arrive this year; hopefully it won’t be too long! xx #sharethejoy
    Louise @ Birds and Lilies recently posted…The Honeymoon with a Child

  7. How gorgeous is this post, love going out into the garden and finally this weekend we could again! Let’s hope the good weather lasts! Stunning shots too! #sharethejoylinky x
    HonestMum recently posted…Our Weekend in Pictures

  8. The photos on here are beautiful – I particularly love the ones of the mud on the fork!

    Kids love pottering about in the garden, I am loving that it is getting a wee bit warmer so we can be outdoors a little more.

    Megan – Truly Madly Kids recently posted…A Superhero Cowboy by Sarah Mason Photography

  9. Lovely when the kids play together like this. I love those wellies too, perfect for little mud and water adventurers! Lets hope we have some lovely weather this summer for more garden play. Thanks for joining me for Country Kids.
    Coombe Mill – Fiona recently posted…The Screenager

  10. That looks like so much fun! And how lovely too to be seeing signs of spring appearing :-)
    Louise recently posted…From the mouths of babes #8

  11. Aww lovely pictures Michelle, looks like they was enjoying this :) I took my 2 into the garden this week too, they loved it :) We are trying to get it nice for summer…

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop
    Claire recently posted…

  12. seeing our children playing together and enjoying life’s simple pleasures is a great joy
    Becky Willoughby recently posted…

  13. Yesterday I let my son play with water outside the terrace as well and he enjoyed it immensely! So I know how fun this activity is. I just wish we have the same space. We dont have a garden! Speaking of which I love the promise of spring in yours! #countrykids
    Merlinda Little ( ) recently posted…Half Term

  14. Love the photos, and loving the boots they are fantastic, you have a fantastic garden, wish my garden looked like yours. Glad you have a brilliant day in the garden.
    vicky recently posted…

  15. Oh what a gorgeous post and stunning pictures, love you focusing on new growth and both my boys are obsessed with Tinkerbell, they watched it again tonight. This half term has been mixed as we all recover from bugs and the boys have fought quite a bit too, not been an easy week all in all but here’s to everyone feeling better soon. Love that your recovery is remarkable chick, you are one remarkable lady spreading joy to us all xx
    HonestMum recently posted…Opera North’s La vida breve and Gianni Schicchi

  16. Sounds like you’ve had a very successful half term hon. I am continually amazed at how much joy the kids find in the simplest play. It’s quite inspiring xx
    Renee @ Mummy Tries recently posted…The Dream #ThePrompt

    • Thank you! We’d been stuck indoors for ages hiding from the weather. Being outdoors is such a tonic isn’t it?

  17. Seeing the snowdrops peeking through fills me with utter joy every year. I love the springtime in Scotland!
    Clementine Buttercup recently posted…

    • Oh it does me too! I think Spring is probably my favourite month of the year actually (but don’t tell Summer that I’m cheating on it!) x



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