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The little girl who lost her name and LOVED it!

The little girl who lost her name and LOVED it!

When I was a child I had a set of pencils with my name carved into the ends of each and every one. I loved those pencils because they were so clearly, unequivocally mine. Fast forward a few decades *cough* and practically anything can be personalised. Sometimes though, a personalised gift comes along that is so special you know it is going to be a keepsake for a long time. Not just because it’s got the person’s – or in this case the child’s – name on it but because it is beautifully designed and wonderfully imagined.

These are The Lost Name Books

The little girl who lost her name

The little boy who lost his name - inside

The books were originally conceived by three Dads and an Uncle who started it all as a DIY project. They sold a few books and now, well, their selling like the proverbial hot cakes by all accounts.

And I can see why.

The story is simple – a little boy and girl lose their name and go on a magical journey to find it again with the help of some fantastical creatures along the way. It is all told in rhyme which I love because it makes the story come alive as you read it. At A4 size it’s large enough for the amazing illustrations to shine – they’re so bright and colourful, full of detail and fun.

Little boy inside pages 2

Little girl inside pages

Little girl inside pages - angel

Little girl inside pages - angel


The little boy who lost his name - inside

I surprised Curly Girl with her book – The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – at bedtime and she was immediately absorbed in it, turning the pictures and trying to solve the puzzle of what the little girl’s name was by collecting letters along the way. As each new letter was revealed she kept guessing at more and more names – I never realised she knew so many girl’s names! Of course all of this was precided over by Doggy, her favourite soft toy, who is never far from the action.

Curly Girl reading book

Curly Girl reading book 3

Curly Girl reading book 2

Doggy liked it too


When she finally realised that the little girl had HER name she was overjoyed! She was so excited and proud to have her name right there in print!

So proud of her name in the book

Happy face

At just two years old our Little Man doesn’t realise that he’s the subject of his very own book yet but he loves the illustrations and points at each of the characters saying “whassat?”

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name and The Little Boy Who Lost His Name really do make bedtime magical. A beautiful, quality present for any 2-6 year old they’re printed on thick uncoated environmentally friendly paper and cost £18.99 each with standard delivery free to anywhere in the world. You can even add a personal dedication to your child which will be printed inside the book. To create your little one’s very own personalised Lost Name Book head over to… well I’ll let the bear tell you!

Pssst… if you want the book as a Christmas present the last order day for standard delivery by Christmas is 12th December!

Back of book


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Disclaimer: We were gifted two copies of The Lost Name book to review. All opinions are our own… and Doggy’s of course.


  1. Oooo, I saw these on Facebook and thought they looked wonderful!

  2. What a clever idea, and they look like such great stories too! I bet they’d make a fab present. Sadly L is too old for these now but this would be great for C in a year’s time for Xmas I reckon x

  3. Yay! You will LOVE them Mel, such beautiful books and wonderful quality. Well worth the money for a keepsake to treasure x

  4. These books look brilliant! We are getting them for our little ones; can’t wait!

  5. You’re so right they’d make fabulous stocking fillers or wonderful New Year gifts too x

  6. Love the illustrations! These could be fabulous stocking fillers. A fab review Michelle!

  7. They’re really super and I’d thoroughly recommend x

  8. What a lovely book! I keep seeing these on Facebook and wondered what they are like. Great review.

    Thanks so much for linking, I hope to see you link up again soon #toddlerappeovedtuesday

  9. Thanks Becky and yep I’ll make like the terminator and ‘I’ll be back’! :)

  10. Wow! Amazing, will definitely be remembering these for family (and us!) Thanks so much for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday. Dont forget both me and Leandra are joint hosting this time round and we are keeping the link up open until January 1st so if you have any other amazing posts to share feel free!

  11. I’d thoroughly recommend them honey, beautiful illustrations and a really quality feel to the books too. And the look of realisation when my eldest realised HER name was in the book was priceless! Just make sure you get your camera on standby… :)

  12. Great review Michelle, and gorgeous pics! I’ve seen these books online and ummed and ahhed over whether to buy them for my two, they do love a bit of personalisation 😉

  13. Glad to help out! :) Definitely a fab Christmas present but great for birthdays too x

  14. That’s so funny you’ve review this, as I saw these and wondered if I should get one! You’ve convinced me now, they look so lovely so I better order one pronto!

  15. They really are beautiful presents and I’m planning on buying one as a gift for a friend too!

  16. what a brilliant present! wish ours were all a bit younger but on other hand, will go away and think of friends’ littlies who might enjoy. Certainly great for encouraging reading too x

  17. Thanks Morgan, they really are super books and I’d highly recommend them. Hope your youngest enjoys it – come back and let me know!

  18. What a fantastic idea! Especially for our little readers in the family. My youngest loves reading and is just entering the stage where he wants to read himself. This would be the perfect gift for him. A great review Michelle, I didn’t know about these books but will definitely be making a Christmas purchase. Thanks!

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