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Night Feed

The small noises begin. The snufflings, the
mumblings, the lip-smackings. Perhaps it is a 
dream. Perhaps the sounds will all drift away to
silence. Perhaps… A thin insistent wail. Ah well.
A parent stumbles out of bed.
Fed, changed.
The little head slips sideways, the eyelids flutter and
close, there is a hint of blissful snoring.
Lift it gently now. Gently, gently.
Softly asleep it lies, back in its crib.
And the blue eyes open.
And there is a smile.
How very good it is to see you, it says. Time for a
cuddle. Time for a talk. Time for a song.
Three o’clock in the morning?
What’s time to friends?

From ‘Welcome to the New Baby’, by Pam Brown.

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