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Posted by on Sep 20, 2011 in Uncategorized | 10 comments

Ten minutes

Hey you!

Yes you sitting in the kitchen trying to pretend that you’re not supposed to be doing anything. Yes you, stop pointing that finger at your chest and trying to look all innocent. You’re not innocent at all, you’re breaking the rules. You promised me ten minutes of Morning Pages and instead you’re sitting there reading the, admittedly rather fabulous, posts on Love New Blogs. How is that going to get your practise done? It’s not. It’s going to waste time when you should be at the page, pen in hand, scribbling away. I know your nails are tacky and yes, good for you for taking the last ten minutes that you should have been writing to give them a lick of colour (although without a bit more attention to those hands it’s a bit like applying lipstick on a pig, just saying), but you should have been writing. Yes I know that OCA Creative Writing course you’ve been reading about looks super fantastic and I know that is doing a course there so it must be good because she’s fab, but all I’m asking for is ten minutes. TEN MINUTES. Ten minutes free-flow-stream-of-consciousness writing to get all that junk outta your trunk and onto the page. To clear some space and de-clutter your mind. To spring clean your thoughts and get your mojo flowing. No, you can’t get another mug of coffee first. No, you can’t just check your emails before you start. No, that comment on the blog can wait. No, you don’t need a wee, or a glass of water or another story (now your just being plain ridiculous). Just sit your butt down on that chair, open your notebook, pick up that pen (yes the nice roller-ball that can almost keep up with your random thoughts) and put it to the page.

Ten minutes.


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  • Josie

    OCA is fab. And I think you just managed your ten minutes. Same time tomorrow? x

  • bod for tea

    Oh ok then, if you insist *gets distracted again looking at the OCA site…*

  • Actually Mummy

    Ha! Lipstick on a pig – hands are never the same after children are they?! Hope you get your writing groove back :)

  • bod for tea

    Thanking you my dear. Just trying to show up at the page…

  • Becci Swan

    You know you just contributed to me ‘wasting’ time reading blogs! OK, loved it … BUT … I went to actually write a post then noticed that you had commented on my post about writing from LoveNewBlogs. Now I’m commenting and you know I’m going to go and read those other new blogs, then I’m going read Twitter, Facebook and give my two cents worth here and there and then it will be midnight again …. OK stopping now, will spend that 10 minutes. Thankyou. (and thanks for the encouraging words – waving back – have signed up to follow you cause I love tea).

  • bod for tea

    He he! Sorry… now, get to that page you!! :D

  • northernmum

    good luck mrs

  • bod for tea

    He he, thank you. Finally got my butt in gear.

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    So glad I don’t write just mainly photograph! Hope you get your groove back…:D

  • bod for tea

    *Sigh* sometimes my mojo plays hide and seek with me…