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Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in Uncategorized | 13 comments

What really happened on Silent Sunday

For a squillion very good reasons (which you can read here) and because it’s the uber talented Mocha Beanie Mummy‘s show and she says so, Silent Sunday is silent. That means no explanation. In fact no words. None. Nada. And so to everyone who was squirming in their seat when they popped over yesterday expecting to see a nice field or perhaps some fruit, I’m sorry. But you see I couldn’t prepare you for the clearly rather scary little fellow that I snapped this week in our kitchen eating it’s lunch. Need a reminder? Look away now if you’ve got even a slight leaning towards arachnophobia…

Mmmm… lunch
Now that it’s Monday, let me explain. I came across Sid (we Christen all our spiders Sid, for reasons lost in the mists of time) in the kitchen on Friday. It (he/she??) was motionless and about the half the size of the palm of my hand including legs. We have a lot of spiders in this house and while I wouldn’t want them crawling all over me, I’m not terrified of them so I stopped to see what it was doing. I thought perhaps it was dead at first, then I saw that big bundle and wondered if it was an egg sack. Then I wondered whether the sack would burst open and shower my clean kitchen floor with a gajillion baby spiders. And I’d just mopped. But then I got down on my hands and knees and took a closer look through the camera lens and I realised that what it was holding was actually lunch. 
Now lunch for a spider in this house requires another explanation. We have house martins. I love the sound they make as they twitter to each other and I love watching them dive across the sky catching food for their babies. I DON’T love the copious amounts of poo that they generate all over our patio, window ledges, car, plants and any other solid surface. It makes a mess and it attracts flies. And what like flies? Exactamente. 
Anyhow, back to Sid. Just above where Sid was sitting is a fly exterminator. No, really. It’s an electric circle of death for insects with an ultraviolet light that attracts them in and then zzzzzzaaaaappp! You used to be able to find them in chip shops, remember? We bought it in China when DD was teeny tiny (and she was a very teeny tiny – just 4 pounds) to stop the mosquitoes from eating her alive. But when we discovered it while unpacking our mountain of boxes that arrived last week I saw a glint in OH’s eye. It was the same look that lions get when they spot a wounded animal on the great plains. Kill. And so it now sits in the kitchen despatching the flies and wasps attracted by the bird poo. Anyway (again) one must have been zapped out of the circle of death and landed on the floor. Hence lunch for Sid.
Shall I tell you about the even bigger and hairier Sid that was sitting in the bedroom yesterday? And that when DD poked it in the eye it jumped down (yes jumped) onto the floor in front of her? No? Oh, ok then.
  • bod for tea

    Another Bob! (see comment below) And that’s not weird at all *crosses fingers behind back* :D

  • bod for tea

    Bob! Like it. They do bob up and down sometimes… what’s that all about I wonder?

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    I just fell off my chair I am laughing so hard.  You should:
    1. Have your own comedy TV show
    2. Go on stage as a one woman comic
    3. Write comedy for comics

  • Mother’s Always Right

    *Shivers* I can’t handle spiders. I need to go and lie down after reading this. Ugh ugh ugh. Cute name though. Good old Sid.

  • Emma @ Mummy Musings

    I love it!  We name all the spiders Bob in our house.

    We once had a Bob living in the corner of the bathroom for about a month.  We used to catch flies and daddy long legs for him and put them in the web for Bob to eat.

    Weird?  Us? ;-)

  • Mcai7td3

    It does look so interesting but I still wouldn’t want him in my house. And think id be even more nervous if I spotted his lunchbox. All the spiders I find are called Bob. :) They live in each of my car wing mirrors. Little dare devils!

  • Cherished By Me

    We have had some monster spiders this year….maybe they’re going to take over the world?! I’m not too bothered either but they do multiply quickly don’t they.
    We used to have a zapper too  :D

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  • bod for tea

    Sounds right eh? Not sure how they feel about all having the same name though… must get a bit confusing when there’s a phone call… 

    Thanks for popping over to read the explanation :D

  • motherventing

    Sid the Spid? Natch :) 

    PS I am NOT a fan of spids, but am safely assuming the picture of one isn’t going to crawl all over me (I’m so itchy now, shudder)

  • bod for tea

    Now I’m the one laughing! Seriously though, thank you for such a kind, kind comment. xx

  • bod for tea

    Sorry! No more arachnids for a while I promise :D

  • bod for tea

    We’ve always had loads here – comes from living in the countryside I guess. The bug zapper rules!