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  • Sarahmumof3

    lovely photo, it kinda looks christmasy

  • bod for tea

    They were gorgeous, and all the better for the Eton Mess that they were dribbled over :D

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Those berries are gorgeous! Blackberries grow wild all over our property. We pick them and mix them with apples from our apple tree for pies and tarts. Yummy! The berries seem to be native to the Pacific Northwest – they are everywhere! But I’m not complaining :D

  • SAHMlovingit

    Mmmm this is making my mouth water and it’s not even 8am

  • bod for tea

    Frozen actually, but perfect for the Eton mess we stuffed ourselves with on Sunday :D

  • northernmum

    fruit farming?

  • bod for tea

    Nope, Eton mess. Soooo goooood (and bad) :D

  • bod for tea

    Tee hee! The oldies are the best :D

  • bod for tea

    Mixed them with meringue, vanilla blondie pieces and whipped double cream for an Eton mess – yum!

  • bod for tea

    Ahh… you discovered my secret – it was the topping for Eton mess :D

  • bod for tea

    Oh you’re right it does kinda.

  • bod for tea

    Mmm.. they were :D

  • Claire

    Wow smoothie?

  • Donna

    Berry nice! (sorry, couldn’t resist it) And if I was there, I couldn’t resist eating it either x

  • Multiple Mummy

    Oh a summer berry feast! x

  • Midlife Singlemum

    Delicious. Where’s the cream?

  • Boo and Me

    Yum, my mouth is watering!

  • Lynne M-F

    Summer Berries – now where’s that ice-cream?

  • notyetayummymummy

    mmm if I had more energy it would inspire me to bake..

  • Nicki Cawood

    Fruity :p
    That looks luscious!

  • Mummy’s Space

    Ooooh berries! Yummy!