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Posted by on Jul 22, 2011 in Life | 8 comments

Reasons to be cheerful

Another week has flown by and we’re well and truly settling back into life in the UK. Lots of lovely reasons to be cheerful this week (and some not so, which I shall gloss over)…

DD joined the library this week. I am SO impressed with our local one, it has a huge area for children with lots of books and comfy seating plus CDs and DVDs to borrow. Perhaps I’m easily pleased because we’ve been away for so long but I’m glad my council tax is being spent on this. They even gave us two cards, with a mini one to attach to my car keys. We’re off there again on Monday for storytime and playtime. Books rock.

We found the swimming pool! I know, I know, basic stuff, but I still got lost once on the way because I couldn’t operate the SatNav properly. It has a lovely graduated toddler pool and compared to the pools we went to in China it was lovely and warm. We stayed for 45 minutes which is unheard of for DD (she usually gets fed up after about 15 minutes).

Found Stephen Fry in America on Dave. Love Stephen Fry. Love America. Nuff said.

It is a beeeaaauuutiful sunny day in my corner of the world as I write this and the sun has lifted my mood sky high. I’m feeling positive about some rubbish stuff that’s happening at the moment and I know it’ll all work out ok in the end.

Have you got reasons to be cheerful or grateful this week? Pop over to the lovely Michelle’s and Maxabella’s and share the good vibes.


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  • bod for tea

    You too my dear :D

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    Swimming and reading, oh such lovely activities – if only there was more time..

    Hope the sun is shining on you today.  Mich x

  • bod for tea

    Oh they will be stunning I’m sure! I’ll expect a post on close ups soon then

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    I’m happy to hear you are getting settled. Our weather has been glorious and my gardens look stunning – lots of flowers in bloom. It’s time for me to take lots of photos of them.

  • bod for tea

    Thank you! Fingers and toes crossed B-)

  • 1978rebecca

    Lovely reasons to be cheerful. Hopefully the sun continues to shine over there. 

  • bod for tea

    Thank you so much for your kind comments! Will pop over to your place later
    on x

  • celebratingmums

    Reasons to be Cheerful if fabulous for giving a lift when times are a bit of a challenge.  Glad you are settling in and finding new things to enjoy.
    My reasons are over at although I don’t gloss over as well as you do