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Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Uncategorized | 13 comments

Simple Pleasures

The soft touch of DD’s little hand as it gently pushes my cheek so that I turn to face her (before she smears Marmite on me in an attempt to clean it off her own fingers).

The blissful silence as I sit with a steaming cuppa before anyone else in the house is awake.

The experienced fingers of a trained masseur as she pummels my hands, arms, legs and feet into submission. The best bit of a mani/pedi by far and my top me-time treat.

The second half of a good book – I’m past ‘is this any good?’ and sucked deep into ‘what happens next?’

The first 20 minutes of the day when DD sits on my lap drinking her milk while we read stories together. Still warm from sleep and not yet feisty, she’s happy to cuddle up and listen. Bliss.


This week Kate over at asked us to list our favourite simple pleasures. Three years ago this would have included riding my motorbike and the first five minutes of a spinning class. Interesting how our tastes simplify as life becomes more complicated.

What makes you smile on a dull day? Pop down your own top 5 and link them up over at her .

  • Kerry

    These are gorgeous simple pleasures, all the things that make a day great xxx

  • bod for tea

    Thank you Kerry, I certainly love them all :D

  • Kate G

    Just perfect – every one. Gorgeous list. x

  • mid30slife

    What a beautiful list. All so, so true.

  • Mother’s Always Right

    Beautiful list. How did I not think of the massage for mine? And so with you on the book one. Bliss.

  • Guest

    Oh that is lovely, and I so know what you mean about being used as a serviette ;-)!

  • Reluctant Housedad

    With you on these (except the massage, but especially the good book!)

  • Megan (Best of Fates)

    What beautiful moments of peace – thanks for sharing!

  • CaroleHeidi

    I wish T woke up all sleepy so we could have quiet time – she just bounces up and starts the day on ‘hyper-mode’ which totally makes me want to curl up and go to sleep again *not a morning person*

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Curled up in bed with a great book munching peanut butter creme cookies. This is my current fave.

  • bod for tea

    Thanks my lovely!! xx

  • bod for tea

    What’s UP with that? The other day DD was in the Ergo and I didn’t have a tissue to hand to wipe hers so she just shoved them in my mouth – what am I a dishwasher?

  • bod for tea

    Ooooo….. sounds blissful! Peanut butter….yum.