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Posted by on Jun 7, 2011 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

I’m on my toes

It’s changed again. Just as I get used to the morning routine we’ve had for the past few months, DD throws it all up in the air again, just to keep me on my toes! We’d settled into a comfortable pattern for a while – I’d be up at 6am for a shower, a cup of tea and a sneaky surf before anyone else was up, then she would wake around 7am for milk and a story. So far so easy.

But for the past few weeks that 7am wake up’s been creeping forward. First I got my shower and tea but no surf. Then no tea. And then Friday morning no shower – heck I wasn’t even awake! Five thirty, my darling daughter? Seriously? That’s not a civilised time for anyone to be up and about (especially not someone who wakes up so full of beans) so we brought her into bed with us for a family snuggle for an hour until OH’s alarm went off. Was it an anomaly? Or is this the new normal? One thing’s for sure, nothing’s certain with a toddler in the house. And so tonight I’ll be going to be early, just in case.

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  • bod for tea

    S’funny because I am a morning now, DD ‘s trained me! I just like to have a little ‘me’ time before the whirlwind begins. But don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than a warm, snuggly toddler first thing in the morning :D

  • bod for tea

    Eek! 5am! Although to be fair I’m expecting this too when we get back to the UK and OH is up at crack of sparrow fart. Oh well, bring on the early nights! :D

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Request for help: I just installed disqus on my blogger and all my comments from all my posts disappeared. Will they appear at some point or did I do something wrong? Any idea? I have read over their site and can’t find any reference to this. 

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Boy I remember those days. Now I look back (34 and 40 years back) to my son’s early days with happy memories. At the time I could have strangled them – I am not a morning person!! They didn’t become happy memories until both were off to college and I could sleep in.

  • Kerry

    5.30 you should try 5am that is a normal time for us but to be fair that is when Mr L wakes and I think Baba hears him xx

  • bod for tea

    Seem to remember I had this problem too. All your comments are still there if you look at your comments tab in your dashboard so you don’t lose them. The comments don’t transfer over to disqus. You just start new ones on the new platform. Hope that helps!