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Posted by on May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

No new ideas

There are no new ideas here. You may think well I have new ideas, shiny like new pins, but you’d be wrong. They’re a product of everything you’ve done, been, seen, the people you know and even more you don’t. Me? I buy mine at a shop down the road from a wizened old man with round spectacles and a bright yellow cravat.

Ahhhh, my dear Bod! He says, spreading his arms wide as though he expects me to run into them. Some lovely ideas for you today, my dear. Barely used! Wonderfully good value. Just for you, of course. He says. Look you can see part of the wrapper still stuck to this one. It’s very you. He says.

We horse trade more for the sport than necessity; he always asks a fair price. But I never take them back to part exchange. I release them when we’ve had our fun together and watch them soar like doves, revelling in their freedom, letting them decide for themselves where they will alight and make their presence felt again.

***NOTE: does this post seem strangely familiar? Yes it was originally posted before Blogger had a meltdown. Grrrrrrr….. Thankfully order seems to have been restored now.

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  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

     Delightful post!!

  • bod for tea

    Bit of a weird on this one, no idea where it came from! Sometimes I post just writes itself….