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Splashing good fun with Koo-di’s new bath toys

Splashing good fun with Koo-di’s new bath toys

Bath time has always been a special time at Bod Towers. It’s a central part of the little ones’ bedtime routine and although it’s often a riotous affair with shrieks of laughter and much splashing about (half of which usually ends up on the floor *sigh*) I like to think it helps to wind them down from the day… ok just a little bit. Actually they do tend to bicker quite a lot in the bath come to think of it. Anyhoo, it IS a great time to play and we love trying out new bath toys.

This week I announced that we are officially Ambassadors for Koo-di and as luck would have it they have a NEW range of bath toys that we’ve been sent to review. Here’s little ol’ me to introduce them…


Curly Girl and Little man were excited as soon as they saw the bright packaging and immediately got out their clipboards and pens to review them. Ok, maybe only the first part of this is true, but they were definitely keen to start playing with them so I left them alone initially to explore the toys for themselves before I joined in the fun.

Little Man plays with Koo-di Bath toys

Little Man loved the new Koo-di bath toys – everything goes in his mouth!


  • Curly Girl discovered that she could also squeeze the sides and the water would bulge up and trickle over the rim and this fascinated her for a whileBoth Curly Girl and Little Man zeroed in on the Pour n’ Play, repeatedly filling it up and pouring the water out again. They ended up squabbling over who could play with it – at 16 months Little Man isn’t big on sharing!
  • I encouraged them both to try the Spray n’ Play next and they squealed as I squirted them both with water. After a few attempts to repeat the game themselves they left it to one side and went back to the pouriny toy.
  • Little Man spent ages exploring the Sprinkle n’ Play, biting the soft rubbery legs and chewing them. Once he’d started to lose interest I showed him how it made a shower which he loved. He tried to repeat it himself but this was a bit too difficult for him to do on his own.


Pouring fun with Koo-di bath toys

Pouring fun with the Koo-di Pour n Play!

‘The pouring one,’ she said, ‘because I can just fill it up and pour it out and it’s fun and easy.’After they’d had some time to play I asked Curly Girl what she thought of the Koo-di toys and which she liked the best…

She also liked the soft feel of the toys and the way they were squishy but still held their shape. When I asked her view of the other two toys she was a bit more reflective…

‘I like them but they’re just too tricky for me on my own,’ she said. This was only her first time playing with them I should point out and she definitely enjoyed it when I played with them with her. Since then all three Koo-di toys have become firm favourites at bath time. So much so that I have to ration their time with each one so that they both get a turn!

Curly Girl and Little Man with Koo-di bath toys

Curly Girl and Little Man love their Koo-di bath toys!

The new Pour n’ Play , Sprinkle n’ Play , and Spray n’ Play cost £5.99 each and are available now from

Disclaimer: As an ambassador for Koo-di I was sent these three new bath toys to review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are our own.

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