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Just letters on a page

The house is still and almost silent. OH is asleep on the sofa. DD is asleep in her cot. The washing machine has just finished it’s cycle and the only noises are...

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Reasons to be Cheerful

Another week closer to Santa’s visit and I’m starting to feel the Christmas spirit creeping into my toes. Over the next few weeks it will likely spread up...

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Position vacant

I shouldn’t be here. I should be there, in that little dark hole, with a gallon of coffee and no windows, bashing away at my novel. I should be helping Charlotte...

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Bod for tea goes dynamic

Ever wanted more ways to look at the blogs you follow? Errr…. nope me either, but I didn’t want an Ipod until it was invented either, so bear with me. At...

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Gmail Motion

So I am a little geeky I admit it. I like messing around on the web trying out new things, tinkering with new widgets for Bod for tea (usually deleting them again...

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