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Top tips for creating a family friendly garden

Top tips for creating a family friendly garden

We’ve really enjoyed spending time in our new garden at The Barn lately – what lovely sunny weather we’ve had over the past couple of weeks! With the bitterly cold trappings of winter behind us (hopefully), we can all finally look forward to summer and start to make the most of our gardens. From fun family barbecues to playful weekends with the kids, there are lots of reasons and occasions to enjoy the fresh air just outside our back doors.

Those of us with small children know the tricky balancing act of trying to make sure the garden allows our little ones to run around and have fun – my two just love spending time on the swings and slide – but also looks good enough to invite friends and family over for afternoon get-togethers in the sun, right?

On the swing together

So, thanks to some fab inspiration and support from the team at Tesco here are some top tips for how to create the perfect multi-purpose, family friendly garden.

#1 Take advantage of height

This piece of advice is great if you have a smaller garden, because the sky is quite literally the limit when working with height. Raising your beds above ground level will ensure your kids and pets don’t damage blooming flowers or sprouting vegetables.

Think about using creepers and trailers on garden fences or the side of your house. Window boxes and hanging baskets can make a garden look much more attractive as well and, crucially, will be out of reach of little hands.


#2 Divide your garden into sections

If you compartmentalise your garden and divide it into sections, you can give kids their own area to run riot but also have other spaces for hosting barbecues or growing plants.

When it comes to furnishing your kids’ play area, think about items that will stand the test of time such as sand pits, which can be converted into a flowerbed or paddling pool at a later date.


#3 Don’t underestimate the importance of storage

If you look out to your garden and all you see are toys strewn over the lawn *ahem*, you probably won’t feel like spending much time there. So, make sure you have somewhere to store and organise all of the kids’ belongings and playthings.


The same goes for garden tools, which can be dangerous if little people can get their hands on them. Sheds provide great storage and come in all shapes, sizes and styles too, so you’ll no doubt find one that suits your needs.

#4 Be aware of ongoing maintenance

Even though bright flowers and a beautifully manicured lawn will add to your garden’s ‘wow’ factor, remember they need to be maintained and looked after.

Kids have a habit of making a mess in the garden too, so think carefully about how much time and effort you’re willing and able to spend on regular upkeep. Artificial grass and bark-filled beds might be the answer – although I think this would break the Little Man’s heart as he’s taken quite a shine to our ride-on mower!

Little Man and the ride-on mower

Whatever the size of your garden follow these tips and you should end up with a lovely yet practical outside space the whole family can benefit from, just in time for summer too!

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  1. Great tips, We made Baby her own garden, fenced off one side of hers with a little picket fence and popped her playhouse in there, so nice a secure. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  2. You’re so right. At our old house we had a flower bed that was unused and kept that for the littles to play on, digging, making mud cakes etc. They loved it! You’ve reminded me that we need to make an area like that for them at The Barn – so thank you!

  3. Adding a spot that is “just for the kids” is good too – somewhere they know they can dig and do their own thing :)

  4. I thought that one was really interesting too! Thanks for commenting :)

  5. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Interesting one about the height of items :) #TheList :)

  6. Thank you Renee – we know how lucky we are to have such a glorious garden, one of the reasons we moved to The Barn. Enjoy the bank holiday! x

  7. Great advice Michelle, as always, and what a gorgeous garden! I’m very envious, and will be coming back to this post when we finally move and have an outdoor space bigger than a postage stamp!! Have a lovely weekend xx #thelist

  8. Thanks Sabrina! We’re so happy with our new garden – let the Summer begin :)

  9. Oh I really want a fruit and veg area – on my to-do list for later in the year I think as we need to focus on the inside of The Barn at the moment. We have lots of daffs at the moment too – LOVE them as they remind me that Spring is here! Thanks for your lovely comment x

  10. Fab tips here, the people we bought the house from were not keen gardeners so my gardener is really starting again. The lawn is fine but there are hardly any flowers, we have a fruit and veg area, herbs with mint a plenty, lots of conifers, climbing roses, daffodils currently and lots of flowers, I adore gardening, wish I had more time for it. My favourite is planting fruit and veg though with the children and then eating it together. Lovely post x

  11. We’ve got a large garden at The Barn and it is a bit daunting isn’t it! Hopefully these tips will help with your redesign :) x

  12. Some fabulous and very useful tips. We have moved into our new house almost a year ago, actually it will be a year on 2nd May and have not done anything in our garden yet. It will be a big project as it’s huge and can imagine it will be not cheap either. Like the idea of raised beds and how cute is the playhouse??? Thanks for sharing Michelle.

  13. Haha it is the most awesome play house – the husband put it together for our eldest’s birthday a couple of years ago and we just HAD to bring it to The Barn when we moved even if the movers raised their eyebrows a bit! :)

  14. Great tips ! I am now in love with that house as well #brilliantblogposts

  15. It’s so important isn’t it because otherwise they’ll just take the space they want! :)

  16. Great tips. I love my garden and have been redesigning it. I like flowers everywhere, but I’ve made sure I’ve included plenty of child friends areas and activities, too :)

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