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My little bookworm

My little bookworm

Little Man is showing a real love of books at the moment. His favourites are definitely anything Thomas the Tank Engine related, and especially the board books, but anything bright and colourful seems to catch his eye and entice him to pick it up.

I often find him pulling books off the shelves in the playroom and I love watching him look at the front and back, before turning over the pages carefully. Sometimes he’ll realise he’s standing up and stop for a moment to make himself more comfortable. It’s adorable!


I’ve always been conscious to read with both the children. It’s so important for language and imaginative development and a special Mummy time that I guard jealously! We read through two or three books together at bedtime while he drinks his milk, but he’s also happy to flick through the pages on his own when the mood takes him.

So it wasn’t really surprising when exactly that happened at Cambridge Central Library last week while I was meeting up with the lovely Helen from Kiddy Charts (below) and Simone from .

Helen Neale and I at Cambridge Central Library

Once Little Man had enough of our blog-chat and coffee slurping he sprinted off in the direction of the escalators (heart-in-mouth moment!).

I chased after him but he was actually stopped in his tracks by a small-boy size shelf of books that needed perusing.

Thank goodness he’s my little bookworm!

Reading at Cambridge Central Library


Reading about bees at Cambridge Central Library

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  1. Aw, lovely pics. How wonderful he loves books so much, I love seeing children engrossed in a book.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  2. Awww he is so serious with his reading! My son started school and I am happy that he is slowly finding books interesting =) #letkidsbekids

  3. Thanks for linking up with LookMummy. My 22 month old has been a bit reluctant to get into books, but yesterday we really enjoyed a book together for the first time as he studied the illustrations and enjoyed telling me what he could see. It was wonderful. I love your photos.


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