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Putting e-cloth and e-body products to the test

With two little ones under five any time that I have to myself is precious. As soon as Little Man is down for his morning nap I leap onto my laptop and get to work. As I’m a housewife as well as a freelance writer and blogger it’s also my responsibility to keep Bod Towers spik and span so to maximise my work and me-time I want cleaning to be as efficient as possible. With this in mind the e-cloth range of cleaning products promises a lot and when they offered to send me some to review I was interested to see if they would deliver.

What’s so special about e-cloths? 
There’s lots of technical jiggery-pokery involved but essentially each e-cloth contains millions of tiny fibres, each one a thousand times finer than cotton. When you add water, which is attracted to dirt, grease and bacteria, the e-cloth lifts and traps the water and the dirt along with it. Simples. You just wash the e-cloth in the washing machine to renew it and all products in the e-cloth range are guaranteed for 300 washes.

As well as being environmentally friendly, because you only use water with an e-cloth you don’t need chemical cleaning products, saving your household cleaning bill up to £100 a year so they say (although I’m a tad sceptical about that).

So that’s the promise. I tried out the glass and polishing e-cloth (£4.99) first. Our internal doors have lots of glass panes that get routinely decorated with grime from little fingers and I usually use a polish and cloth to rub away at them although its hard to get them completely smear free. The e-cloth works best damp so I ran it under the tap and squeezed it out before wiping one of the panes gently in a circular motion and then drying it with the e-towel, a super-absorbent tea towel (£4.99). It actually did a great job, leaving the glass sparkling without much effort and no cleaning products.

Next to test the e-towel properly. I just happened to have a couple of wine glasses newly washed *ahem* and set to work drying them with the towel. Compared to my usual tea-towel it’s quite thin and easy to push into the glasses to dry them thoroughly. Mmmm… not perfect results, definitely not as streak-free as promised, but pretty good none the less.

An e-cloth for your face?
Interestingly the bofins who came up with the e-cloth have used this same microfibre technology in a new range of body products. The e-body face cleansing mitt (RRP: £6.99) for example, is designed to quickly and gently remove make-up without the need for harsh and expensive make-up removers or cleansing lotions. The blurb even says its ideal for those who suffer from skin irritations, gently sweeping away dead skins cells while deeply cleansing your pores.

Mmmm…I wasn’t so convinced about this one. I mean household grime is one thing but make-up is quite another. Could a cloth and just soap and water remove all traces of the BB cream, concealer, mineral foundation, blusher, eye liner and mascara that are needed to create my au natural face? Surely not without scrubbing and leaving my poor skin dry and begging for its usual moisturising cleanser and toner regime. But I’m nothing if not game so I decided to give it chance. Here’s my video review…

Ecloth review

Pros and cons
The only real drawback with the ecloth range is that while they can be washed in the washing machine at any temperature they can’t be washed with conditioner (it clogs up the fibres) so I can’t just chuck them in with any old washing load. However, the fact that they helped me to clean quickly and efficiently with just water is a real benefit. I’m not convinced about the e-towel but I’d recommend the e-cloth glass and polishing cloth and the e-body face mitt certainly beat all my expectations.

Disclosure: I was sent an e-cloth glass and polishing cloth, an e-towel and an e-body face cleansing mitt to try out. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own.


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