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Top tips for Summer trips with little ones

Sponsored post in association with Bambino Direct

So it’s finally summer – Yippeee!! – and time to make the best of the sun with as many days out as possible. If you’re anything like me then having the right accessories and baby care items is essential for these summer holiday trips, particularly with two young children. Here are a few things for us all to think about before charging out into the sun with our little ones under our arms.

Car Seats
We all know that a car seat is a legal requirement for a child, right? But which one is best for you, your car and of course, your child?

Belted car seats have been around for ages and proved their worth as a reliable safety item for children of all ages. So then what is ISOFIX? ISOFIX is the latest method of car safety concerning baby and child seats. An ISOFIX base attaches to the actual body of your car thanks to anchor points fitted in many cars. The car seat is then locked onto the base, safely securing your child.

Both belted and ISOFIX car seats will help to keep your child safe if the worst was to happen, but with many cars not including the required anchors it seems that ISOFIX has a way to go before becoming the most popular choice. We were lucky enough to have ISOFIX points in our Hyundai Santa Fe and I love the easy click-on/click-off base which makes like so much easier when I’m running a teensy bit late *ahem*.

Back-carrying Curly Girl in our
Ergo baby carrier at Disneyland in 2011

Getting Around
Choosing your child’s mode of transport is another consideration. Deciding whether to take a baby carrier or a pram will completely change the layout of your summer trip. Whereas a baby carrier brings a hands free bonus and keeps baby as close as possible, a pram makes a perfect bed for your little one and means you don’t have to carry your baby when your arms and shoulders feel like lead. (Plus it has the added bonus of being a useful place to hang your shopping bags!)

A good idea is to think about your trip before you go. Will I be going in lots of shops? Is the area reasonably flat or am I going to be pushing a pram up Mount Everest? Who am I going with? Ask yourself some simple questions and you’ll soon get an idea of the easiest way to get baby around. Of course you could take an item for every eventuality but at times this can require a small coach *blush* so you may have to be a little more selective.

Clothes (and nappies)
One things for certain if you’re out for the day with a baby – you are going to need nappies. Whether you use disposable or reusable, you will need to take a few for a day out. Generally it’s recommended that you take two nappies for every hour you intend to be away from home. At times this is far too many, but sometimes you might even be cutting it close. I usually work on taking a few more than I’d use at home just in case Little Man decides to air-wee into his new nappy when I’m changing him!

Spills and mess can strike at any time, so it is best to come prepared with some clothes for your little one to change into after you spill your juice all over them *ahem again* or they decide to cover themselves in whatever they can. Funny how I don’t tend to remember to take a spare top for me though…

Entertainment and blankets (or Blankie as it may be)

If Little Man was parted
from his Shleepy Sheep… eek!

At all ages little ones need to be entertained. Of course their favourite teddy has to come along for the ride and a cuddle but it’s when you’re out and about and focusing on the 50% off sale at Joules that baby decides to play the “I throw it, you pick it up game.” Apart from the heart wrenching affect it may have on you, knowing the truth about toys thanks to Toy Story, you may have an inconsolable child when they can’t find that toy that they never cared about before.

Maybe attach a reign to the teddy and the pram, or teddy and your child? Aside from sewing it onto their clothes, it’s pretty much one of the best ways to keep hold of any toys. Don’t forget the odd book either, a little story time-out in the shade is a great way to cool down on a hot day.

Take blankets, or the Blankie if your child is attached to one in particular. Apart from being great soothers, they’re essential should any cold weather (or breezes) hit while you are out. In the UK it’s a good idea to pack a couple just in case. And snow boots.

The Sun
It goes without saying that any trips in the sun with a young child should involve some (we recommend using as many as possible) form of sun protection. Hats, sun cream and regular rests in the shade are essential for not just your baby, but you as well.

Finally, the key to a successful day trip with your baby is being relaxed and confident at all times. Make sure you enjoy yourself too, because if you’re enjoying the day out, it’s most likely that your little one is as well.

This is a sponsored post in association with Bambino Directthe place to find your essentials for a summer trip or holiday with baby. They have a great range and also offer a live chat system if you have any questions or need any help.

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