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Brit Mums Live – the outfit?

Boo hoo Maxi Dress With less than a month to go before Brit Mums Live (squeeaaaal!) my thoughts have turned to the eternal conundrum of the...

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Bumplog – phew and pink or blue?

This week has been one of the most difficult for a long time. From the stratospheric high of realising we were pregnant by some natural miracle to the crashing low of...

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Posted in Travel | 14 comments

Bumplog – distancing myself

Image credit Yesterday we officially entered the second trimester. This should be an exciting time for us, the risk of miscarraige decreases, and the...

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Bumplog – after the highs…

Following this week’s announcement that by some natural miracle we’re pregnant with our second child, the flood of congratulatory messages both here and on...

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