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Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 in Parenting | 4 comments

Reasons to be cheerful

Here’s my reasons to be cheerful this week…

1. New windows. Did I mention this last week? *Goes back to check* Opps, yes I did. Well consider this an update. Most of the windows are now in and the house looks bright and sparkly. It’s not until you make a change like this that you realise how much darker your house was before.

2. New windows II. Sorry, another one about the windows. Last one, promise. Today I am very cheerful that all the noisy work is done so that DD can nap upstairs in her room rather than me having to push her for 4 miles around the village in her pushchair for an hour and a half. Normally that would be good exercise, and I have enjoyed the beautiful, crisp, cold, sunny afternoons, but with a chest infection? Not so much.

3. Wrapping things up. And to finish off (see what I did there? *smug*) this morning I wrapped my first Christmas present. I hope that when it’s opened the contents is greeted by a smile from ear to ear. But I won’t be there to see it because that child? She’s not mine. This morning I wrapped a shoebox full of goodies for a little girl somewhere in the world who doesn’t have the privileges that DD has. I urge you to do the same. Operation Christmas Child. It’s what Christmas is really all about.

4. Mum’s gone to Iceland. This week I had a bit of a coup and managed to get my first blogger from Iceland to share their perspective on parenting for my series. She wrote such a fab piece with two lovely photos.

Have you had a cheerful week? Or can you think of at least three things to be cheerful about (go on, I bet you can). Pop ‘em down and link up over at Mummy from the Heart’s linky.

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  • Seasiderinthecity

    I must get on and do my shoebox – thanks for the reminder! New windows sound great – I just need to clean mine :-)

  • bod for tea

    He he, reckon I can get away with it for a little while – they’re SO shiny!

  • Glenda Gee

    glad you got your windows sorted. It really does make a difference, doesn’t it.  Loved the  blog post from Iceland.

  • Mums-the-word

    OK, so you have a thing about windows lol.  Well done on promoting the good cause and yes we will be taking part in the campaign.  Lovely reasons.