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Posted by on Jul 6, 2011 in Uncategorized | 14 comments

Return of the Bod

Seven days without internet access and I wonder whether I’m addicted to the web. Regular readers will know that Bod for tea paused for a short time while we moved ourselves lock, stock and barrel back home after three years living on and off in the Far East. As a result we haven’t had internet access for a week.

Day one was spent on a plane (11 hours with a toddler that doesn’t have their own seat and doesn’t want to sleep anyone?). Nuff said.
Day two was spent in a fug of jetlag and unpacking, no time or energy to think about anything else.
Day three I set up my sparkling new Samsung Galaxy SII phone that OH bought me as a coming home present (note to self: must not complain too much for at least a week by way of thanks). Realised mobile web won’t work out in the sticks until broadband is set up. Starting to get a little itchy to get back online.
Day four and I’m worried that my lovely readers will give up hope and wander off somewhere else, never to return. Console myself that I can read other lovely bloggers posts by email.
Day five…. err… did I mention I have jetlag?
Day six is my first trip to my favourite hairdresser for three years. Nothing can dull the joy of the moment that my frizzy grey streaked hair is replaced by shiny new tresses blown into submission. Forget about web briefly.
Day seven, today, I get back on the web by piggybacking on my neighbour’s wifi (with permission I hasten to add). Finally I can see the virtual world again.

But as I sit here writing this post, looking out of the window at the beautiful fields and trees after three years in a concrete jungle, I wonder whether I really missed as much as I thought I had. The world outside my window is beautiful and I’m not sorry that I had some time to enjoy it before dipping my head back inside my screen.

…but don’t worry, I’m still addicted. Bod for tea is BACK.

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  • bod for tea

    Thanks so much Mari! Great to be back. Going to be posting a little less until we get our house in order (literally!) but we’re definitely back :D 

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    I have missed you and your humorous  life (well humorous to me as I sit in my quiet study without a toddler running about) so – a big huge welcome back!! It sounds like things are going well and you are settling in. Can’t wait to receive your posts on a regular basis again :D

  • bod for tea

    Thank you! We’ve recovered pretty quickly actually. Nothing like knowing
    you’re home to make you feel better :-)

  • Mammydolittle

    Welcome back:) Hope you recover from your jetlag soon.

  • bod for tea

    Hello Mrs! Thanks for thinking of me – it’s great too be back on home soil

  • northernmum


    I thought of you this week and hoped the flight was ok!

    j x

  • CaroleHeidi

    Yay! Missed you!! Glad you got back safe xxxx

  • bod for tea

    Yep, back and firing on (almost) all cylinders. And finally in the right time zone! :D 

  • bod for tea

    Ooo now wouldn’t that be fantastic – boxes that unpacked themselves!! :D

  • bod for tea

    Awwww… shucks *gets a bit teary*. Thanks hun xx

  • Shelley

    Yay!  Bod Is Back! :)

  • Emma

    Hope the jet lag passes quickly and the boxes unpack themselves! Emma :)

  • SAHMlovingit

    Welcome home!  Of course us readers haven’t departed…we’ve been eagerly awaiting your return x

  • bod for tea

    Than you! It’s great to be back :D