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Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 in Uncategorized | 14 comments

Retro Mum

I didn’t realise it until we arrived back in the UK to a cornucopia of kids tv channels, none of which I wanted DD to watch, but I now I’m certain – I’m a retro Mum.

Despite years saying that I’d never do this or that thing that my own parents did, I’ve become more old fashioned than they ever were. And nowhere is this more obvious to me than the choice of television that DD has for her limited viewing pleasure. Feast your eyes on this selection of golden oldies:

- Bod (obviously)
- Mister Benn
- Camberwick Green, Trumpton & Chigley (collectively known as Trumptonshire)
- Paddington Bear
- Play School (sadly this one isn’t available on DVD but we watched the Aussie version in China)

The thing is, I like the simplicity of these children’s classics. There’s nothing I need to explain and the moral lessons are clear (although quite how Mister Benn manages to be at home in his suit all day without ever seeming to go to work isn’t entirely clear).  Even the more modern offerings that she watches – Wiggles, Maisy and Teletubbies – are still quite ancient in toddler years.

Is DD missing out? Are there current children’s programmes that you like your toddler to watch? Enlighten me guys, I’m in danger of slipping back into the 1970s forever…

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  • northernmum

    The saying the oldies are the best exists for a reason….

  • bod for tea

    Ooooo! Where can you get the Playschool and Wiggle DVDs? Hang on will Tweet you… can’t wait to order them! :D

  • mid30slife

    You can buy old Play School DVDs – the ones with Noni, John etc.   I cannot tell you how much I love Play School, even the current version.  I think I love the current ones for Reece. 

    And this house would not function if we didn’t have a stack of Wiggles DVDs.  We’d be lost!

    Plus the other day I discovered “Sesame Tree” on Cbeebies.  Basically it’s Sesame St, but made in Northern Ireland.  They even have old Bert and Ernie skits – love love love!! 

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    That’s odd about your boyfriend – I had one like that too!! lol

  • bod for tea

    Mr Benn has a lovely life. He goes to a fancy dress shop every day and has
    amazing adventures. And his clothes come off and on magically (had a
    boyfriend who could do that once…).
    *Twitter: *

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Obviously having grown kids and no grand-kids I’m totally out of the t.v. and DVD loop for kids shows. But I’m happy to see you stick to your guns on what DD watches. Love the guy in the suit who stays home all day though!

  • bod for tea

    Good for you for sticking to your guns. I am interested in what your daughter does to wind down? DD usually requests her DVDs when she’s tired after playing and she wants some quiet time on her own…

  • bod for tea

    4 years? Wow! Wonder what French children’s tv is like…. good for you for living without the box though. I really have to limit DD’s watching of her retro DVDs – she loves them so!

  • bod for tea

    Isn’t it just? Not even available on DVD. *Sigh* DD likes to watch Mr Benn while she’s eating (don’t even go there, she won’t eat without it now, I WILL tackle it. At some point.)

  • bod for tea

    I totally agree. Quality is right. And, yes, you’re retro too. Join the club :D

  • rose

    I too think I’m a bit old fashioned.. I don’t even own a TV! Out of choice! My daughter has an in the night garden DVD and the original Mr Men DVD which she rarely watches. I don’t think she’s missing out now, but maybe when she starts school I’ll have to get a tv!

  • tamsyn wood

    i can not enlighten u i am afraid!! in france, we have just had our first t.v bought for us! (it’s been 4 years…, a looong tv less 4 years) so i am COMPLETELY out of the toddler watching stratosphere. but i do have to say, i like your style, and any moral message is good to teach, so i say stick with them!!

    lots of love, tamsyn xxxx

  • Mother’s Always Right

    Ah, Play School. What a classic. I’d love it if they brought that one back. We’re not big TV watchers in our house, but F loves a bit of In the Night Garden if she’s still up that late, before her bath. Personally I find it rather odd, but she can’t seem to get enough of it!

  • Alma M

    I totally know what you mean. For me, it’s not so much about retro as it is about quality. I loathe the programming on CBeebies and find it does nothing to challenge children. I’ve bought my son all the Disney cartoons I grew up with – timeless classics like Jungle Book, Peter Pan, The Sword in the Stone, etc – although he’s a bit young (3 years old) for them. He also watches Sesame Street episodes and Elmo which I also managed to get on DVD. If I come across a show or a cartoon that I think is ‘cleverly written’, I’ll get it for him. I tend to avoid the ‘dumbed down’ shows they have on CBeebies. Does that mean I’m retro too? ;-)