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Posted by on Jun 1, 2011 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

Dear So and So…

Dear apartment

Sorry that you’re not looking at your best at the moment. The packing boxes are untidy, I know, and the cupboards are starting to look a bit sad and bare, but fear not, when we leave I’m sure some other lovely people will move in and fill you up with interesting things that you can have a good nosey at. Thanks for being a fab place to live for the last three years.

Soon to be ex-tenant
Dear workmen

Did you really have to choose lunchtime to drill untold numbers of holes in walls? Really? Just when DD was down for her nap? You’re lucky she didn’t wake up. Believe me.

Clenched fists
Dear Nana

Thank you SO much for coming to visit us for three whole weeks and for making that time such fun. We’re missing you lots already but it won’t be long until we’re all together again.

Your DD and mine
Dear Storksak

Thank you for solving my and meeting all the requirements on my list with the gorgeous Emily. Cold hard cash well spent I reckon. Look forward to getting to know her better as soon as she arrives. Reassured she will be coming to a good home, but she will have to work hard for her keep.

Excited new owner

Do you have any Dear So and So… letters this week? Link them up over at .

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  • bod for tea

    It’s fun eh? Ooo good luck with your move to. Local or international? Ours is a big one…..

  • Anne

    I really like the letter meme idea! Fun. Good luck with your move. We’re moving at the end of this month. I haven’t started packing….yikes….

  • bod for tea

    Thank you! Really looking forward to finally being home :D

  • bod for tea

    Urgh. They really suck. Thanks for the good luck though :D x

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    Have a happy, safe move! 

  • northernmum

    hate lunchtime drillers…
    good luck with move x