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Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Life | 12 comments

Spread a little happiness…

What makes you happy? Spending time with your friends or loved ones? Reading a good book? Finding a pair of jeans that makes your bum look great? (If you’ve managed this last one can you let me know where you got them, pleeease? Thanks).

Last week the BBC ran a series of features on the theme of happiness. It was run in conjunction with a new charity Action for Happiness. I’d never heard of them so I thought I’d pop over and check it out. According to its Director Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness is about spreading the latest research and advice on how to be happier, to encourage a shift to a happier society. He says “That means a society where more people are leading happy, balanced and fulfilling lives and fewer people are leading unhappy lives where they feel trapped, unloved or unfulfilled.”

Sounds great, I thought. In principle. But how do you go about achieving a society like that? Well, they’d like to encourage us all to, in very Obama-esque style, ‘Be the change’. The cynic in me reared it’s ugly head at this point and scoffed for a couple of minutes.When it had finished, I put it back in it’s box (with a nice blanket so it wouldn’t get cold) and I carried on reading their core values which are “There’s more to life than money and possessions”, Everyone’s happiness matters” and “We can all make a difference”. 

Well actually I agree with each of these values. There IS more to life than money and possessions. On my death bed I don’t expect to be thinking about how lovely my Mulberry handbag is (although it is rather nice indeed), I hope that I’ll be gathering my loved ones around me and relishing all the wonderful times we’ve spent together. And I do believe that we can all make a difference to each other’s happiness, if only in a small way.

It seems a shame that our society has arrived at the point where we need a charity to remind us of these fundamental values. But if that’s what it takes? Then more power to them. I’m off to do a good deed in the spirit of making someone happy. And I invite you to join me.

What will you do today to help create some happiness?

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  • bod for tea

    Good for you! Sometimes it’s just making the effort to reach out that makes the biggest difference :)

  • Guest

    What an interesting post! I found it especially pertinent as I’m someone who suffers from depression and anxiety and on a day to day basis can go from being bouncy and happy to crying in bed….I would love to wake up tomorrow and just know that I was going to be happy every day for the rest of forever but that’s just not how it works is it?
    I’m going to join in by hugging a friend tomorrow……I think hugging is a great way of sharing happy feelings with people and best of all it’s free!!

  • bod for tea

    Hugging rocks! Sending you a virtual one right now *hug*. Thanks for popping over Jules :) Love your ‘shapes’ post by the way x

  • Superlittlemen

    I agree hugging is a great way of making someone feel happy and also a phonecall out of the blue. A friend of mine has been suffering with depression recently and I text her last week and I’ve not had a reply which I know means she is hiding herself away again so I am going to give her a ring. If she doesnt feel like talking then she can ignore the call, but I know she will realise why I have rung, and hopefully it will help her feel a little more cheerful.

  • Spectrummy Mummy

    Great post! Yes, a little strange that we need a charity for this, which makes you think.
    Visiting from Blog Gems.

  • bod for tea

    I know, right? Haven’t heard about them much lately. Like the idea of everyone doing one thing to make someone else happy though :D Thanks for popping over to comment *waves*

  • Sally

    well this post made ME happy. I am spreading the happiness by preparing giant strawberries with creme fraiche and brown sugar for some elegance and decadence while we watch the oscars. I will be sharing these with a young friend who is having rough go. Happiness abounds.

    Visiting from Blog gems

  • bod for tea

    Hey thanks Sally! Good for you for spreading a little happiness today :D

  • Tat

    Returning your visit from BlogGems… Your post made me think. It is too late today in Australia, but I promise to do something tomorrow that will make someone happy. Probably, my husband (long overdue).

  • bod for tea

    Well good for you Tat, and hello *waves*!

  • Kathleen

    Great post..I’m generally pretty happy..or at least I just don’t think about is good..I have a lovely family a roof over our heads..we laugh a lot. What more can I ask for…nothing really except maybe some shoes..I really like shoes..;0
    Over from blog gems..

  • bod for tea

    Good for you Kathleen! Mmm…shoes….. x