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Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Life | 1 comment

Review: Is DD ready for potty training?

Photo credit: My Carry Potty

Something’s been on my mind for a while. I’ve toyed with it, bought a book on it, and laid awake thinking about it (yes, I am a bit of a worry-wort). Is it too soon to start potty training DD?

She’s only 19 months now, and I know a lot of you with older children are probably shouting ‘Noooooo!’ at the screen now, but I realised after reading Gina Ford’s ‘Potty Training In One Week’ that she’s actually started showing the signs that she’s ready for the first stage of training. So I was delighted when MyCarryPotty sent me one of their portable potty’s to review.

One of the reasons I’m reticent about starting potty training is the whole thing about what to do when we’re out and about. And we go out a lot. Apparently the MyCarryPotty has a clip-shut lid that’s completely leak and odour-free so when little one has done their thing you can just shut the lid and carry it to the nearest loo. It was a bit hard to open the first time, but I guess that’s because of the special seal. I soon got the hang of it. And it really is leak-proof. I filled it with water and shook it about A LOT just to make sure. How fab is that? No more disposable bags of poo cluttering up landfill. 

Photo credit: My Carry Potty

It’s also rather snazzy-looking. Now by and large potty’s are fairly boring I think, but when I unwrapped the MyCarryPotty and popped it on the ground for DD to explore it immediately piqued her interest. So much so that she picked it up and carried it around the house for the rest of the afternoon. Thankfully it’s made from high quality, durable plastic so DD can chuck it about to her heart’s content. Ours is a lovely bright yellow but it also comes in pink and blue too.

Can you tell the MyCarryPotty was designed by a Mum for Mums like us? Yes, me too. Amanda Jenner is a Mum of three and came up with the idea almost 10 years ago when she was potty training her eldest child. Good for her. It even has a  and a small  following. Who knew a potty could be so popular?

Of course all of this is all very well, but would DD actually sit on it? We carried MyCarryPotty to the bathroom next time I needed to go and popped it down in front of the loo. “Mummy’s going to do a wee now. Do you want to sit on your potty too?” I asked. And do you know what? Blow me, she actually did. She was fully-clothed I should point out, but it’s a great start. I don’t know whether it’s the potty or if she’s just ready, but I think the MyCarryPotty is going to be a feature in our lives now. Watch this space for more potty training adventures! 

TIP: One little tip though, if you’re planning to take your MyCarryPotty on holiday, make sure you leave it open on the airplane. Otherwise the pressure will seal it shut and you’ll have a dog of a time getting it open again.

Disclosure: A big thank you to MyCarryPotty for sending us this fab potty to review. No other compensation was given to me for writing this review. The Gina Ford book is my own, but I do recommend it. You can buy it from .

  • Maddy

    An interesting review as we’ve been wondering if we should stock this in our shop. I’d be interested to hear how you get on with it in the future! I don’t think 19months is necessarily too young – I trained my son using the Gina Ford method in the week running up to his second birthday and it worked like a charm, though a lot of people thought it was too early, especially as he is a boy! Like they say though- every child is different.