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Tim Burton-inspired kids’ fancy dress

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Nothing screams dressing-up box quite like Halloween, and with the recent release of Tim Burton’s new 3D film ‘Frankenweenie’, kids are sure to find plenty of weird and wonderful Halloween inspiration. Burton’s latest is a stop-motion animation film that offers a modern take on the Mary Shelley Frankenstein story, centred around a young boy called Victor. After his dog dies, Victor uses science to bring his beloved pooch back to life.

Demonstrating Burton’s usual fantastical style, with sweeping emotion and gorgeous visuals, Frankenweenie is the first film to use black and white stop-motion animation in 3D. This film promises a treat – rather than trick! – for the whole family this Halloween. Inspired by Frankenweenie and the genius of Tim Burton, here’s a look at some of his most inventive characters to help kids dress up this Halloween.

1. Edward Scissorhands – A much-beloved Halloween classic, recreating this loveable loner’s looks can be done with minimum effort. Start with a wet sponge and white face paint to lay down the deathly pallor, before carefully painting the cupid’s bow in the centre of the mouth, followed by a heavy dose of black eye-shadow for bags that look like they haven’t gone to bed in centuries.

Gently backcomb your hair, or – if you’d rather skip on the styling – then a messy black wig might be a good investment. Finishing touches include a monochrome black outfit with a high collar and some scissor-hands crafted from card-board and sprayed with silver paint.

2. Beetlejuice – For the deliciously despicable Beetlejuice, you’ll need a similar make-up base to Edward Scissorhands, with some greenish-brown embellishments around your hairline for that all-important ‘faintly decomposing’ look. A black and white vertical striped suit will complete the outfit, along with a shaggy white wig with plenty of volume.

3. Alice In Wonderland (The Red Queen) – This one is guaranteed to be popular with the girls come Halloween. From a solid white coverage, gently paint on a line where the eyebrow should be. Next, use blue face paint or eye-shadow to paint the eyelid up to the bottom of the eyebrow line for a truly alarming effect, enhanced by adding thick black eyelash lines. Complete with a red wig, heart-shaped lipstick and a beauty spot.

For more great Halloween costume ideas for little ones, check out the great range of kids fancy dress online at Littlewoods.

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